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E-Mail Find Settings Not Working & Test Dialog Freezes

I have the v5.71 and when I click "Find Settings" for an e-mail address a browser window opens with some text in the browser URL.

And several times when I click on the Text button to Text the E-mail address, it gives an error dialog. Then a few minutes later it tests OK.

Also I created a new multi-tier project and clicked the Test button and the dialog came up showing the test data but the dialog was frozen and could not scroll or click on a button. I had to click on the main window "Save" button to dismiss it.


  • SvenSven
    the freez is fixed in upcoming version. Though I don't understand your other complains.
  • "find setting"s used to populate the host, port etc but now it doesn't do anything
  • SvenSven
    It can only find settings for the providers defined in the program. Else it opens a browser window for you with a typical search query. Let me know what settings work for you and I add it to the default list so it finds the setting on next update.
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