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choose number of indexing sites

edited August 2012 in Feature Requests
Currently, there are only two options:

1) Choose All (default) - this will use anywhere from 2,000-3,000 indexing sites (both dofollow and nofollow combined). Too many especially when I have hundreds of other links I want to index using other programs aside from GSA SER.

2) Quick Mode - this will use anywhere from 250-500 sites. Too few.

How about letting us choose the number of sites we want? For example: choose between xxx sites to xxx sites (e.g., 500 to 1,000 sites). This way, we can all find a happy medium.


  • SvenSven
    upcoming version has a custom indexing mode
  • Yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sven, you are truly awesome! Love this new feature!
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