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Question About Global Site List And..

Well, I have about a dozen sites using the Global Site List option and I have a quick question about it...

I have a site about Addiction, and I would not like the sites it leaves links on within my Global Sites List, feeding links to my other campaigns. Am I able to have GSA not add my Addiction sites lists to the Global Sites List? If so, how?

Now, before anyone starts :) I do believe firmly that Google is A-Moral, and I don't think Google penalizes sites based on it being porn, pharmacy and so on. I believe those types of sites are just associated with more crap a higher % of the time. So, I know that it "shouldn't matter" if my addiction site is sending lists of sites with it's links on it to my other Adsense sites.

But... am I able to do what I'm looking for? Thanks for your time guys, I appreciate it.

OH, also, does anyone have any info on the "Exploit" platforms and this "Silly exploit" term? I have no knowledge of these types of links and would love for something to through me an explanation. Do you use them? Why are they good, why are they bad?

~ Kady


  • SvenSven

    Site list: just add a proper filter in project and all loaded urls from the site list will get filtered out before it starts to post.

    Exploits: simply ignore that platform. It was more a fun thing for me. It also does not hurt the site at all as it is not modifying anything on there db or site. 

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