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Something wrong with the Social Bookmarking Engines.

Trevor_BanduraTrevor_Bandura 267,647 NEW GSA SER Verified List
edited April 2013 in Bugs
I have a total of 30K+ identified URL's in all my social bookmark engines. Today I decided to just post to those sites and see how many I could create in one day. I'm only using my site lists and have all search engines unchecked.

The LPM is not even going higher than 0.01. Verifies are super low also. I would have thought that with this many identified sites, I should have been able to create 1000+ bookmarks in a short time.

Here are some examples in the log that don't make any sense to me:

08:37:58: [ +] 1/1 matches engine PHPDug -
08:37:58: [ +] 1/1 PR-5 OK -
08:37:58: [ +] 1/1 unknown registration status -

08:28:41: [ +] 1/1 matches engine PHPDug -
08:28:41: [ +] 1/1 PR-5 OK -
08:28:41: [ +] 1/1 unknown registration status -

I'm not sure why GSA is pulling up a Paypal and Google URL's when checking reg status. There were more other log entries that never made sense, but by the time I paused the project, they were already written out from the log view.

I also noticed that with the Scuttle engine, it's actually searching for verified on the URL's that i'm submitting, and not on the actual bookmark website. It's gave me a couple verified links that were actually the URL I wanted to submite for the bookmark. In the verified box, it showed that URL, no anchor text value, nothing for the d0-f00l0w value, and the color of that entry was a Dark Purple. I'm sure you may know what that color would mean.

Also, if I found different login URL's and register URL's for the bookmark sites, how would I add them to the GSA files for those sites? I looked at the .ini files but not really sure where to add them.

If you want me to maybe have GSA log to file, and send you the log, please let me know.


  • SvenSven

    scuttle was fixed in latest update

    your phpdug one from log looks not like a phpdug site at all.

  • Trevor_BanduraTrevor_Bandura 267,647 NEW GSA SER Verified List
    Yes I know it does not look like a phpdug site. Not sure why or how it got in to the PHPDug file for that engine.

    It looks like that from the 30K+ bookmark links that I have in GSA have all been processed. I'm getting this in the log now:

    13:30:05: [ ] Attention! No more targets, but also no search engines selected in project.

    Only 48 verified links. Not sure if verification is not being done properly or what's happening.

    When I imported my URL list that I scraped, I used the import and sort feature, so not to sure what happened here.
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