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Recent changes for engine MacOS Wiki ?

edited April 2013 in Need Help
Since yesterday I seem to get only errors for MacOS Wiki, here are two examples (got a lot more but it is always the <name>faultstring</name> thing):

 [+] 1/2 matches engine MacOSWiki - xttps://
 [-] 1/2 submission failed (<name>faultstring</name>) - xttps://
 [+] 2/2 matches engine MacOSWiki - xttps://
 [-] 2/2 submission failed (<name>faultstring</name>) - xttps://
(x-edited the first letter of URLs to inactivate links)

Does anyone have the same message?

When I searched for example the xttps:// site, I only found a login but no register option. Might this be the problem or has SER other possibilities to register to such a page?


  • SvenSven
    Thats normal as most MacOS sites do not allow you to post articles. That message is just a sign about it.
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