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I would like to know how many threads do you recommend to use if i have only 10 proxies.
I'm currently using 10 threads. Is this OK? can i run more threads with only 10 proxies?
Thanks in advance!


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    You need to check with your proxy provider what restrictions they have on connections
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    And of course what hardware you use... Why not starting with a low count and increasing thread till it matches your bandwith and cpu/ram limits?
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    My bandwidth and cpu are ok, based on that i could run 300 threads. My proxies are with unlimited bandwidth so this is not a problem. Also my provider gives me fresh proxies every month.
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    Running 300 threads with 10 proxies probably isn't going to be a good idea. That's probably going to end up getting your proxies I.P. banned pretty quickly. Why not bump it up to 20-30 or even 50 threads, but 300 is way overkill. I have 110 private proxies and I haven't pushed it over 200 threads because I haven't needed to. I'm sure easily can but there really hasn't been any need.

    As a matter of fact since all the optimizations lately I've been running it at 50 threads and I'm getting a ton of links every day.

    I'd start with 20 and go up from there.
  • Lol! that was just an example that with my hardware and bandwidth i could run 300 threads, but i know that with 10 proxies i can´t do that.

    Yes, maybe i will try with 20 thanks Devin!
  • s4nt0ss4nt0s Houston, Texas
    ha oh lol thought you wanted to run 300 threads ... I was like uhhhhhh that's a little too ambitious. :)

    You're welcome.
  • Just to clarify my earlier post, unlimited bandwidth and unlimited connections are not the same thing. I use providers that offer max 10 connections per proxy, and another that has max 100 connections per account (regardless of number of proxies in an account).

    On top of that, even ignoring these restrictions, a proxy is just an assigned IP on a VPS, and said vps has a maximum throughput, so if you have 30 proxies running off of 1 vps sharing a 100Mbit port, you wont increase processing by increasing threads (for clarity, this refers to your proxy providers use of VirtualPrivateServers, not your vps)

    In short ask your proxy provider for all these details.
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