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I've now tried ThrustVPS and Power Up Hosting. Both 1 CPU - 1GB RAM plans.

ThrustVPS is the 10 dollars VPS. VERY fast but also unstable (could reboot at night) and right now RDP is not working (again).
so tried Power Up Hosting this time going for what people recommend. The server is in US and I'm from DK so... Yeah I know of the poor ping times. They are not the problem. The server is fu"#¤%& slow. Everything from starting CB and GSA to blasting. My LPM is running at around 40 on PUH vs. 70-100 on ThrustVPS.

So... What else do people recommend?


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    Hi Claus, after reading countless threads this VPS vs VPS i got bored probably like you have! I wanted a reliable Windows VPS with support 24/7 and at a good reasonable price, which is usually not going to happen! However I decided to try http://www.host-stage.net/windowsvps.php No i am not affiliated with them but one area where they excel is their support.

    They have 24/7 support livechat which is great if you have any questions before buying Tony or Vincent have been very helpful to me. I have their Level 2 and this runs fins for me for the last month with 0 issues and 0 reboots! If you like you can try them for 30 days and can cancel anytime. You can use the 30% code to try them:

    Hope this helps pal.
  • Friji - thank you very much for your info. If I can get a refund I'll give them a shot :)
  • No worries pal, happy to help. Sure, if you dont like it then i'm sure you can get a refund no problem - but I would go in with the attitude to stay with them though buddy  ;)
  • Haha I'm normally a very peaceful guy, but I thought I was getting the Mercedes of an VPS - how dissapointed was I :-)
  • No worries Claus, they are no Mercedes but does the job for me. Anyway hope this helps chap and i hope you find one that works well pal. Friji
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