How to schedule seperate tasks

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filled out my T1 project and want it to create

- social BM
- Web 2.0
- Articles
- some(!) blog comment.

I know i can dripfeed when i say "stop after 10 verified" or sth. BUT the point is, it creates 10 Social BM and then stops without doing blog comment/article etc.

How can i tell it to mix? Do i have to setup different projects?

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    I don't think this is possible to control the targeted url GSA is loading.. You should make 4 projects :

    - social BM: "stop after 2 verified"
    - Web 2.0 : "stop after 3 verified"
    - Articles : "stop after 3 verified"
    - some(!) blog comment : "stop after 2 verified"

    And then you will get 10 links per days with mixed engines.
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