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Posting to Account Created With Another Projects In Same Group

edited September 2012 in Feature Requests


I'm not sure
if this feature is already there but I think it will be a good idea if GSA SER
can recycle and reuse Web 2.0 and Bookmarks accounts created by different

This will
not only get us more backlinks but also will prevent deletion of our old
accounts and of
course we can also save lots of money on captchas by creating accounts on same
site again and again.


  • SvenSven
    You can do that when importing accounts from other projects. 
  • Thanks, I just over looked that feature but will it post to Articles, Bookmarks & Web 2.0 only or will over right directory and wiki profile data also?
  • SvenSven
    it will take every account created.
  • @Sven or anybody else
    I was not aware of this "importing accounts from other projects"
    how is this done ?
  • SvenSven
    double click on project->import->account data
  • I am just curious to know if it will overwrite the profile data that has been entered previously. 
  • SvenSven
    Yes that will happen for some engines that place a link on the profile page.
  • @Sven

    When I try this then why does it says "Registration successful" in the log? We just want the software to use the login and pass data and post the bookmark right? Why the registration process being done?

    Please explain and also this is my process of reusing the old account. Please let me know if thts correct

    1) Make a new project and check Global site list and uncheck all the search engines. Go to Tools and then import account data from the project I want the sites to post on. 
    2) I run the software but i have a doubt here. Do i have to import the site list too?? or just account import is enough
    please let me know as i am searching for the answer to this but noone is replying to it properly
  • SvenSven

    Registration is successful as it detects that you signed up with that name. No need to worry. Usually the engines give an error back when using the same email/login and this is detected as successful registration.

    You have to import sites as well as right now the software knows the logins but not the sites to register on (exact path in some cases). You have to import the sites as well. Maybe I should make this differently in upcoming version to also import the sites with the accounts.

  • SvenSven
    OK just added it like that for upcoming version. You get asked to import the URLs as well to post to.
  • @Sven thanks and thats great. Maybe I could give you another feature request wherein you can see which sites are imported or the URLs listed are importing through target url thing. Since if we import we just see that "XXXX urls imported" it would be great to see which are they in a seperate pop up kinda page
  • SvenSven
    upcoming version will let you show the urls.
  • AlexRAlexR Cape Town
    Maybe it should be a little easier to reuse old accounts? Rather than export and import account data, maybe like a little tab button when you select that platform type, you can select button "Reuse Previous Accounts" and then it asks you which project accounts you would like to reuse? 

  • I appreciate being redirected here
  • Global, you need to keep up to date with all these changes and I'm waiting for your tutorials :)

    Change is constant and fast here!
  • AlexRAlexR Cape Town
    Busy thinking of an update to the best practice. There have been so many changes in the last while that it's out of date. BUT it did generate a lot of discussion which got me to research a few more aspects which I want to add into it. 
  • Here's my solution to all this.  I really hate doing this because I Iove the software.  Obviously this software will hunt targets for you.  You can feed it lists of urls to see what sticks.  I then go into the verified folder and pick out the urls and use sick to post to the sites where GSA always post profiles.  It gives me more control over posting to the property.  I know that it is the long way around but I have so many projects going for me as well as clients and sending profile links (even though I have found a little trick using scrapebox to get rid of the profile links).  What I found though is that GSA will post to targets of a particular platform that sick won't.

     If I want to build a thousand contextual links I have to aim for 2000 verified links because at least half of them will be profile links.  I also did some spot checking and some of these profile links are indexed quite quickly so I guess they do provide some value.  I just can't get use to the number of email addresses that have to be used for the software and the inability to reuse accounts without profile information being changed. 

    I am trying to adapt with it but it is frustrating because I can't find a software to use in tandem with it to get me at the result that I want efficiently.  If one has used sick then you know how it can render a machine useless, and I really don't prefer that even though I am running it on 4 machines.  So you get screwed on both ends.  Does anyone have any suggestions? Please elaborate. 
  • AlexRAlexR Cape Town
    I do agree that it seems a little bit of a waste to create accounts every time. As mentioned previously, maybe a button to reuse existing accounts would make it a little easier and would solve your problem @krushinem.

    All we'd need for the above to be really smooth, is the option to extract only the accounts that create contextual links not profiles as requested here:

    That would solve the issues:
    1) You could easily reuse the accounts.
    2) You could just import the target URL's where you know you can post contextual links! 

    Hopefully not too tricky! (No idea if it's doable) 
  •  I see there are a few ways to reuse accounts.  I do appreciate that and just maybe I should get over the profile link deal. It is just so hard to give up though since this is hands down the best seo software that I have ever used
    Maybe the dev can lend a hand here and tell me what the intent of the setup is so that I can change my paradigms to be more congruent to what is going on here. 

    I was always told that when you live in Rome you have to live like the Romans.  How can I use the way that this is setup to my advantage?  Doesn't it seem wierd that there are so many platforms that allow contextual linking but the intent here is to add a profile link? 

    I am open because harnessing this power is going to be to my advantage. I am so tired of logging into hotmail and settinp up rules filter that I built a script using ZennoPoster.  I have never had to consider doing that for any software before. 

    Someone stop by and educate me so that I can make some decisions and move on and stop crying. 
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