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BermanHosting Down, OVH Up?

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My BermanHosting VPS is down again today, it's been happening almost daily for the past week and their support was never able to give a definitive answer or do anything constructive -- Is anyone else experiencing the same?

Anyway, before moving to OVH KS R-8G plan (£24.99/month), I'd appreciate any tip on how to keep the Windows cost down and not getting caught with GSA SER as "SEO activities".

Many thanks.


  • If I remember correctly trustvm guy is using ovh dedicated servers so maybe you could try vps offer from him?
  • To save yourself headache, loss in time and money, always ask the hosting company if they support SEO activities. The worse answer you'll get is "no". This is better than setting up GSA on the server, paying your monthly bill and then getting a letter telling you got kicked off.

    It never hurts to ask.

  • You can always sign up to PowerUpHosting.

    We have an amazing uptime record. Except for one major issue in Feb (Few hours), we never had a single second downtime recorded as of now. So this way you can simply focus on your work.
  • @jerryji or you can let this guys install windows on OVH with your own key.
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    Hi jerryji,
    I got your email and am posting here and the reply.

    FIRST COMMENT: know thy host.  OVH France has been very tolerent, but DONT post to their forums.
    SECOND COMMENT: be pack up the operation and move it elsewhere..or to your friends account.
    THIRD COMMENT: Have a backup and restore plan.  I'm getting used to VMWare ESXi on OVH: install your own windows license and use Win 7/XP/NT if you want.

    To protect myself at OVH, I
    1) edited C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\hosts file to redirect ovh,us,,, etc to
    ( so that any bad software I may install later will not get me into trouble directly )
    2) I configure SER to
      A) stop when out of proxies
      B) use proxies (private for posting)
      C) in [project][Options]"Skip sites with the following words in URL/Domain":
           add "ovh", "kimsufi", and other words you want to avoid

    The host file is edited to prevent ANY SOFTWARE from giving me grief with the host's assets.
    The SER settings are to prevent any grief from sites I've missed or NEW sites that will appear.

    Editing hosts may require an elevated editor(notepad) and my entries are:
    # ----- Prevent spam of OVH -------
    # ----- Prevent spam of OVH -------
  • Who use OVH Kimsufi for install one or more GSA SER softwares.
    I'm thinking take a KS 24G and then with VPS get 6 GSA install of 4GB

    Or install GSA on KS 2G for only 2£49/month

    What do you suggest ?
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    jerryji  @cander

    Give our website a visit, we have great vps deals, highest performance, rock solid network and support

    You will find great deal vps for your seo needs,

  • Trevor_BanduraTrevor_Bandura 267,647 NEW GSA SER Verified List
    @solidseovps What opperating system is installed on the VPS for GSA SER?

    Do you have a coupon code for GSA users?
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    I Have used
    Berman VPS 24/7 the last 6 months and the server has only been down for a few minutes at one time, so I'm very happy with their service. I'm using VPS Extra.
  • My Berman VPS is going down basically every day the last week and its definitely not because of me, because one gscraper instance at 80 threads barely hits the 10% cpu mark.
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