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if i want to add in the generic anchor text file something to have a partial anchor text is correct to add something like this Click on %anchor_text%  in the list ?

Does the %anchor_text% will take randomly one of the anchor i have written on the anchor spintax field ?

Also when you choose let's say 30% of the anchor to be generic does that means that it will be 30 % of the total submission or 30% after the alternate use of all the anchros present in the spintax field ?

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  • SvenSven www.GSA-Online.de

    a %anchor_text% in the general anchor text file would be useless but yes you can do that.

    30% applies to the submission.

  • So what do you advise to have variated partial anchors like "Click on YOURKEYWORD",  "Read more about YOURKEYWORD" ?
  • s4nt0ss4nt0s Houston, Texas
    You would need to add some of your own generic anchors like, "Click on %keyword%". This will pull a random keyword.

    You could do things like:

    "Click on %keyword%"
    "Learn more about %keyword%"

    Just keep in mind they will use whatever keywords your import and not your anchors. If you want your anchors then you would do "Click on %anchor_text%".

    The software already has some that use, "Check Out %url_domain%" so you could do a find and replace and switch those out with %anchor_text% or %keyword%.
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    s4nt0s  Thank you s4nt0s    

    I have already switched generic anchors as "Check Out %url_domain%" to %anchor_text%

    I would like to set the software to follow these settings advised after a data analysis related to Penguin and anchors:


    If i use %keyword% does the software will use only the keywords in keywords field or also the keywords the software scrapes and add ?
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