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Big Increase On Network Load (10x and over) Since v5.65

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It looks like latest version started to eat way more bandwidth and instead of being faster, clogs the pipe down and results in forced thread amount reduction.

Any chance looking into that? HTML compression turned off or not working? I'm not really bothered with CPU load, it's the bandwith limitation that eats my submissions down.

Appreciated in advance.


  • I've noticed that my server's network started to lag after last update.

    In time I realized that I have capped my network. I used to run 300 threads without problems, now same bandwidth load at 30!!!

    This does look serious, so I would appreciate if you could dig into this.


  • Downgraded back to 5.64 and all is back to normal - 200 threads eat around 2-5Mbps while 5.65 has 5-10Mbps with just 30 threads.

    Guys, there is definitely a problem.

  • Pick up a 100mbps server.
  • 1. why if is clearly a bug
    2. 100Mbps will be gone with 200 threads as well.

    nevermind the BW costs.
  • LeeGLeeG Eating your first bourne

    Ser normally runs at an average of about 25mbs per second peak on 250 threads

    Just monitored my vps for a few minutes and its not doing anything out the ordinary

    3mbps on low and 25mbps peak

    And Im running the latest release for a change :O

  • Not really, GSA normaly on 300 threads runs (ver 5.64) at 4-8Mbps, if you update to latest .65, you see that it peaks in high 60ies which is close to 10x normal rate while there is no noticable improvement in submission rates or LPM. If anything, I think that increased bandwidth is putting extra load on proxies making them slower and affecting LPM downwards and not up.

    So what happened?

    I tell you, there is a bug, downgraded back to .64 and all is back to normal.
  • I'm on 5.65 running 250 threads and seeing 4-8mbps
  • Same here, 250 threads with about 25mbps bw usage
  • mkay, could it be x64 systems then? Used to run 200-300 without a hickup and no problems, network is fine - tested line/etc, spent last 24h on support bugging it. Now GSA us just killing my net even with 30-50 threads.

    As I said, I downgraded back to .64 and all is fine - LPM back up where it used to be and no problems, .65 has some network related issues that POSSIBLY affects x64 systems.

    I have 1gbps connection but I hate to pay for all the extra BW.. thats about 10x more than before.

    And, guys, if you think its just "get a bigger gun" issue, it is not. Think about how much BW can your proxies put through - every bw increase jump puts extra latency and lag on proxies making them slower.

    davbel - what system you're using?

    I have win7 x64, core i7 16gigs ram, so nothing lags on PC side, just the network seems to be hicking up A LOT.

    I can record a vid just to proof that the problem exists. Easy, have both versions up.
  • My LpM also dropped 5-fold from v5.64 to v5.65
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    Why pay for the bw. Go for 100mbps bulletproof. No proxies.

    I am using i7 with 4GB 100mbps 5.62 with 1000 threads no proxies on non-cleaned list. it has lot of already parsed and submission failed and no engine matched, still it submitted 200k with 200+LPM at this time. still 2 hours to go.

    CPU below between 25-50% and BW 5-25mbps.

    PS: I can easily goto 2000-2500 threads but gets memory errors which causes gsa to stop. Once it goes 64bit It will be able to overcome this problem.

  • @fatsteve 64bit Win Home Server 2011 on an 8 core AMD FX8350 with 8gb Ram.  Typically doesn't peak above 50% CPU.

    LPM is down from 140ish with 5.64 to 115ish, but that tends to change from version to version anyway.

    Bandwidth is peaking as high as 13Mbps, but more typically between 4-8
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