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Problem when using duplicated projects

edited August 2012 in Bugs
I have a problem with GSA Search Engine Ranker when i duplicate a project, after changing the URL, anchor and so on, GSA doesn't build links at all even if i let it run for a day or so

I have also noticed that the programm uses as anchor the anchors of the original duplicated project even if i have changed them and saved

I am running on a VPS with Private Proxies to scrape and to post and set to 73 threads


  • SvenSven

    Thats a conman mistake people seem to make.

    The box where you enter the URL can hold more than one URL (see the arrow down button). So if you don't click EDIT -> Clear on the button next to the URL field, you end up with more than one URL for the project. And that means the program will pick one randomly on a submission (so also the one from the original project).

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