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Change generic text

edited April 2013 in Need Help
its pretty easy to change the names.dat etc and replace it with other files (for example female names, german names, spanish female names) or whatever.

But for the generics I dont see the way to add a new file and tell GSA to use that file for generic texts.

Any ideas?

Best Regards


  • GSA Search Engine Ranker\Engines\generic_anchor_text.dat
  • Yes arkant ;)

    I see that, but i want to take a file like \generic_anchor_text_ger.dat without overwriting the old file, because i might need it for other projects.

    Best Regards
  • SvenSven
    If you don't use the secondary anchor field, you can "abuse" it for your needs. Just use a macro here or enter all your german generic anchors.
  • Okay, ill do it this way then.
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