When & How To Add Contextual Links

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Ok here is my question. I generally run 1 campaign a day for certain URLS that I have. I use the following

Web 2.0 Box Checked (all)
Social Network Box Checked (all)
Social Bookmarks box Checked (all)
Article Box checked (all)

Now I know with some of the articles they dont allow links within the body BUT the blogs do. So my question is when I put my article in the box is THAT the place I should be adding my contextual link AND if so is it best to add it with html tags within the article OR use the right click option "Embed URL for anchor text"

This is where I am confused.

Also does it do any good to add contextual links in the summary, or Description 250, Description 450?

Thank You


  • SvenSven www.GSA-Online.de
    You can add the macros %url% and %anchor_text% in "About yourself" and "Article". Thats all you should do. If you do not add it, the program will add them for you. Mentioned many time on this forum. Next time please search.
  • @Domainer I believe Web 2.0 and Social Network both accept the link within the body of the article, Social Bookmark doesn't use the "Article" field, and Article engines normally don't accept the link within the body of the article (problem is that Article and Blog engines are together in SER, and Blogs would normally accept it), so you probably shouldn't select the Article Directories in the Article engines with the rest in the same project.

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