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Performance issues and crashing when used as webserver

edited April 2013 in Need Help

If I run 1 instance of GSA SER, and it uses a high thread count, CB manages this OK, and it’s AVG Time remains under 1 second . 

However, I've noticed that when I use the same total number of threads, but divided among multiple instances of GSA SER, CB really struggles and often crashes.

For example, say I have 1 instance of GSA SER running at 400 threads, CB has no issue. An AVG solve time of below 1 second, and the program remains stable. But if I have 4 instances of GSA SER, each running 100 threads, the CB solve time is often over 4 seconds, and gets worse and worse as time goes by, until the program becomes unresponsive, and then crashes, asking me if I want to close the program or restart it. 

Is there anyway of resolving this issue?

**EDIT - just to add I've found that upping CB's processor priority helps a bit, but the issue still remains on the whole.


  • SvenSven
    Sorry but I don't think this is getting much better. 400 threads who all want to send captchas might produce a high memory usage on CB and result in a crash.
  • That's the thing. I've been keeping an eye on CB's mem and CPU usage within task manager, and i haven't seen it go over 90Mb when the issue occurs, which i didn't think would be a problem on a system with 16GB? I'm guessing it's down to how the program works within webserver mode, as when i run a single instance of GSA SER, and run CB without using the webserver mode, i can run a far higher number (up to 800 threads), and don't encounter the problem!?
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