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Anyone using GSA SER ONLY with SUCCESS and ditched other tools?

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Hey guys, I currently have magic submitter and use linkpipeline for indexing the links.  And in a perfect world with unlimited budget, sure you can have all the tools you want, but what if just using GSA is enough?

I know many people say use Magic Submitter or Senuke type tools for Tier 1 and then back link them with GSA for Tier 2 and 3s.  But I've also seen a few on forums saying they're ONLY use GSA for their sites with GOOD QUALITY SETTINGS to rank their MONEY SITES with success, like here:

So I'm wondering who is actually doing that and getting GREAT RESULTS by ONLY using GSA and nothing else?

I'm only doing mid comp LOCAL client sites so I'm wondering if it's an overkill to pay $67/month for Magic Submitter and $97/month for linkpipeline when I can just use GSA...


  • i also purchased it before 10 days and my campaign is ongoing and i have some goof result but we have to wait for 1month to see the perfect result..

  • I have access to a lot of tools. I've also been using GSA Ser for a long time. However.. for the last month or so I've only used GSA Ser, Gscraper, and Kontent Machine. I've been getting great results. 
  • What Tier structure and settings are you guys using? 

    Is it like this:
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    Put it this way... I don't follow "guides" or what everyone else is doing. So I don't really want to put my strategies out there. It's just like outing my niches in a way. I've never followed the crowd. That's the easiest way to get caught imo. 
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