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Settings for indexer

edited September 2012 in Need Help

Just brought indexer  to go with Search Engine Ranker. I just installed and left it as standard and noticed it never seems to stop. So I manually stopped it and just added one url and it has been running for the last 10 minutes. Thinking it was a bit odd that pinging 1 url is still running after 10 mins, I saw the setting for the quick indexer option. I selected this and it seemed to make little difference as another 5 minutes and it is still running on the same single URL so I went to custom and could see the default was 800.

With all pinging I have done with software before, it takes the url and pings maybe 20 different ping sites. If I have GSA making hundreds of new links per day and indexer is trying to ping each new one to 800 sites that's 800x 1000's which means it will never get anywhere.

Can anyone suggest a good setting for this. I have left it on the standard 10 threads, maybe this needs to be increased but with engine ranker running at 60 threads and other software on my VPS as well, I can't give it endless resources.

If anyone can suggest what they use or some guidance, it would be appreciated



  • SvenSven
    Please search the forum and you will quicklya see a thread where people talk about this already.
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