Call non spun articles and delete them

edited April 2013 in Need Help

I have a big set of articles I would like to post with GSA.

However, I would like to be sure that they will just be posted once.

Can you please advice me how I could do this ?




  • SvenSven
    The next version will let you use the macro %spinfolderdelete% which works the same as %spinfolder% but will delete the file after usage.
  • I wont use it, but cant help but comment how bloody fantastic the support and dev is Sven.  respect.
  • great, so i can post unique articles to my web20 sites without a hassle
  • Great. Cant wait for this feature + the option to avoid creating profile links (wiki,social network). Then GSA willbe perfect for T1 ! Thanks Sven for such a fantastic SEO tool !
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