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do you guys use international search engines or just USA ones?

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Right now I am only using three---Google, MSN, Yahoo--- and these are all US-based since I'm from the US and I don't see a point in ranking #1 in Google HongKong for example since I'm not selling anything from that country.

However, I see ppl selecting all English search engines etc. What is the "best practice?"


  • SvenSven
    If you have only English keywords, it is making no sense to use e.g. German search engines.
  • Well, I know not to select non-English search engines but what about Google/Bing/Yahoo UK or Google/Bing/Yahoo Australia and other English search engines? I saw a vid on YouTube (think it was s4nt0s' vid) where he selected all English search engines for variety but it doesn't make sense to me to be #1 in Google UK (for example) since I'm selling products in the USA.
  • s4nt0ss4nt0s Houston, Texas
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    In the videos I select multiple English search engines to give the software more search engines to scrape targets from. It's not necessarily for anything to do with ranking in a specific search engine, its for getting link targets from a variety of search engines instead of only Google US.

    You don't exactly have to use Google UK, USA, etc but you might want to at least pick some other search engines to help bring in different link targets since different search engines scrape different results.

    It's basically to give your campaign more links to post to.

    I don't think getting links from a variety of I.P.'s will hurt. If your site is hosted in the US and you're aimed at the US market then you're probably going to rank in Google US. I've been getting links from all other countries and my sites are ranked first page in and not other countries.
  • When you select Au / UK it doesn't mean you will be #1 in this countries.

    It means you will search for links in this countries.

    Linking from other countries with same language helps, even with different language helps but less.
  • I've gone back to using International recently. I did opt for English speaking only but found that my success  rate was lower. I've had some great results from foreign websites with high pr and low obl which have definitely helped me rank. And as long as your hosted in the country your in and if you use webmaster tools agreed to your countries agreement with them, then you should rank local. 

    One thing that did surprise me though - I have a niche site which is fairly non-generic (if that's the right term), not widely spoke about. I was having poor results just using UK and US as there aren't that many sites to comment on in this niche. So anyway, I switched over to International and had a few Polish site verifications pop through. Checked them out and from what I could see not one of my keywords were shown on that site in English, but when I used the google translate feature it was perfectly relevant to my niche. 
  • pooinmyloo, thanks for the feedback! I will try all English search engines for a week and check my success rate. If I don't like it, I'll do what you did and choose the International search engines.
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