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Content Foundry and Tokens for Links/Anchor Text

edited April 2013 in Need Help
Hey, I'm new with GSA. In fact I'm still waiting for my payment to go through.

I have been messing around with the demo for the past couple of days and was trying to get it set up for the most part so I could get things going ASAP.

I have Content Foundry and was wondering what (or even IF it is possible) token to put here:


To automatically pull the info that these settings generate:


Hope it's possible...

If not, any suggestions would be welcome.

Thanks a bunch in advance!


  • SvenSven
    I don't own that program so might be better to ask them directly.
  • @Kreist Link Tokens are currently ignored when generating campaigns for GSA-SER.

    For clarification: you can add a Link Token or a Link List to a Project in Content Foundry. When you build a GSA-SER campaign with CF, only the link lists will be pulled and inserted into the newly created campaign.

    The settings you're referring to in the second picture are not modified by CF when creating a new campaign. Anchor text for the links placed in the campaign correspond to the Keyword Lists and Custom Anchors you have specified for that specific list of links.
  • @Ozinix So, when I create a GSA campaign from CF it uses it's own link list that I put in CF and it's own variations of anchors? Or is there still a way for me to use the list in GSA and those setting above?
  • @Kreist

    CF uses macros for anchor text, and combines all associated link lists (Primary, Secondary, Generic, which are Project specific, and Custom Keywords, which are list-specific).

    So if you've setup a link list in your CF Project that uses Primary Keywords and Generic Anchors, for example, the macro will look like:

    I'm not 100% sure, but I believe each keyword is given equal weight by GSA-SER.
  • I am getting the message"error generasting title, sentences..."
    I tried resetting the paths it saves to and tried refreshing the temaplte but cannot get past
    this erro rmessage

    what might i try?

  • Try support tickets, Kyle (Ozinix) seems to be not visiting this forum anymore. Although he also not answers any tickets right now. I wonder what's happened...
  • i tried support tickets.
    I also tried his email from his content foundry site.
    no reply.

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