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Wiked Article Creator - Article Size Help

edited April 2013 in Need Help
Hi all, Before I ask for some help I would just like to say what an amazing piece of software this is, and some amazing support in this forum. Now for my question...I have started using Wicked Article Creator but am having a problem with the size of the article that it creates. i have spent all evening playing around with the settings to change the amount of paragraphs etc in WAC but it only gives me articles with around 100 words. All article summaries, forum comments etc are fine, just the main article is tiny. Any suggestions?

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    Just use the Quick Access project option for GSA on the left of the screen. It creates everything that you need for a project.

    When it finishes just export to file and use file to import data fields in GSA SER.

    If you get a 'too few lines' error message then you need to broaden the keyword selected a little.
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    Hi Neil,

    Please note that i will be contacting sven about this error. We do upload all paragraphs just fine but i think GSA is not being able to download anything after first para.

    A temporary fix is to export to file and import it. It works or you can always export to ID and then import but before you OK just copy -paste article field from WAC GSA window into your GSA project.

    I will talk to sven about this too.



  • Might be the bug when u import with WAC Id(use test button to check it), only first para will be filled, manually copy and paste in, and wait for @wacadmin to fix it
  • SvenSven
    Please someone message me such an ID in pm for testing.
  • @Sven I'd love to help but don't understand what you need by "message me such an ID" -- how can a mere piece of numerical string on my VPS help you in any way?
  • SvenSven
    I need your WAC ID I can use here to see why it is not importing the way you think it should.
  • edited April 2013
    @sven : please look at this id - <removed>

    I just took it from my database (i did not create it). But on test the article field shows only one paragraph and not all the paras. 

    If it's difficult processing the export i would be glad to make it more simpler by using html tags like :

    <article> article content of 4 paras here</article>

    This way you can read everything in between these tags and fill the boxes. You can check it and please post your experience here.

    Will also be sending you an email later today regarding another very good feature request to create multiple GSA projects in one go for those who have multiple site to hit.

  • SvenSven
    fixed for next version
  • Why does the content generated in WAC for GSA only spin sentences and not individual words?  Since only sentences are spun it's not very unique at all.
  • @sickaluph - don't use the GSA feature right away. After it scrapes the article, push the auto-spin button on the toolbar at the top.
  • Ok I downloaded the content and then pushed "auto-spin."  It worked because I can see that it spun individual words, but when I tried to click the "GSA SER" button I got the error "You have less lines than your settings.  Please add more!!!"
  • I have the same problem. I lost 1 day and still haven't been able to figure that out, this is ridiculous...anyone have a solution?
  • I get same message whenever i autobuild or do other stuff, it's like a stop sign from continuing with WAC "you have less lines than your settings, please add more"
  • As well as German and polish articles do not generate on their own anymore idk why .. probably the niche but i tried 3 times and get empty fields , so i fill them with just one article translated with google and that's it.
  • Is wac really reliable for gsa ser?
  • edited June 2014
    I just purchased WAC version 3.5 and I get the same error message. It's been almost a month, has this issue been resolved or am I missing something?

    I see where it says number of lines (17 for me) at the bottom right hand corner of the program. What setting is it referring to that I need to adjust?

    Screenshot :

  • @silverdotβ€Œ you should try reading the message. It tells you what is wrong and with just a tiny bit of thinking you should figure out how to fix it.
  • edited June 2014
    Fair enough. Sorry for the stupid question.  :(

    I'll try to figure it out. :-?
  • @silverdot if you didn't figure it out yet, you need to add more lines. I usually just select all the articles it scraped, right click, and click add lines. If you insist on using 17 lines only then you need to change the settings accordingly to not make as many variations per line, paragraph, etc.
  • @fakenickahl Sorry, you're still blowing my mind right now. What exactly is a "line"? Is that just the spun sentence? The reason I have so few lines is because I filter out articles that don't have my keyword, less than 400 words, etc. I don't know what settings to change or where, but I'm sure I'll figure it out eventually. No need to spoon feed me.

    Thanks for responding though.
  • @silverdot, no worries, I just wanted you to try figuring it out yourself, but didn't intend to keep you waiting this long.

    A line is just a sentence. You have 17 lines in your screenshot and it looks like to me that you've only added one article which is not enough at all. Personally I'm adding all articles I scrape, but before making WAC spin the content together, I'm taking it to notepad++ and replacing some terms related to my keyword with my keyword. You'll be able to see all the lines you've added in the tab called Builder right next to Scraper.

    You can find the settings by going to WAC-Xtra -> Settings. In this case you'd want to choose the tab GSA SER. Here you can change how many variations you'd like per sentence, paragraph, title, and more.
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