Submission failed - your ip is blocked

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I am using 10 private proxies. Now I noticed the first time the message "your ip is blocked":
15:18:24: [-] 38/38 submission failed (your ip is blocked.)

I wonder if my private proxies got blacklisted - I checked it with which checks about 80 "DNS based anti-spam databases".
4 of my proxies are blacklisted at and

- How does it come that an ip gets blacklisted - thought that only email accounts may be blacklisted
- Which actions lead to blacklisting of an ip? Guestbook spam? Forum spam? Email spam? All (spammy) backlink building?
- How to avoid getting blacklisted?
- Should I change the proxies (do many platforms check these blacklisting services when you post a link with GSA) ?

The email I use in the project seems not to be blacklisted (checked with GSA).

I really wonder if the proxies have been blacklisted even before I rented them - next time I will check it before rental.

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  • SvenSven
    On what URL do you get "your ip is blocked." ? Because that is a message shown on a site during submission. It's nothing that GSA SER found out.
  • I didnt save the log nor the url (and edited it out of this post for privacy reasons). But the good thing is that until now I did not see this message again.
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    Got it again, but this time GSA says it might also be the captcha (by the way I am using CB)

    [+] 022/100 new URL - xxxx://
    [-] 022/100 captcha is no valid image/or your IP is blocked

    [+] 042/100 new URL - xxxx://
    [-] 042/100 captcha is no valid image/or your IP is blocked

    Did anyone else get such a message?
  • SvenSven
    Accepted Answer
    Try to open that URL. You will see that there captcha image is not loading.
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