Two update requests

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Halo Sven, i would like to suggest this for inclusion:

1. Projects that reached limit for submission/verfication for the day are set to 'active P' but this setting is not saved when the program is restarted or when an update is done.

2. Can you provide a page with all previous GSA versions to download, for testing and people can chose what version they like to run.

danke und gruss


  • Good requests... although number 2 may cause more support requests for the developer...

    I like request 1. whenever the program is stopped and restarted all limit settings are re-set and submission starts again.
  • s4nt0ss4nt0s Houston, Texas
    The problem with the second request is that all software crackers would have access to all the GSA versions a lot easier.
  • Without any verification you can always download the current build directly from the GSA website, so every version was there for anybody to DL already.
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    +1  for request 1. Almost every day we need to restart the program after we download the updates. So this feature is really needed.
  • SvenSven

    When I restart the program and start it, I get this...

    12:47:14: Setting up project

    12:47:15: Starting project

    12:47:15: [ ] Project will pause for 672 minutes as XYZ/200 verifications have been reached.
  • I will check it again, but i didn't see this message last time i checked (Yesterday).  I think it's start to post every time i restart the software. I will check it more carefully.

  • Sven,

    i guess you just quit the application without stopping first? I haven't tried that. I press the stop button and let the threads finish before i quit SER and then the posting limits are re-set. Or sometimes i just press stop to do some changes to the global options or to just pause everything....

  • yes, its maybe the case. Anyway it will be great if we quit the application and it will remember to pause the projects. Thanks
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