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Test Email: ALL failed (Just on one server)

edited April 2013 in Bugs

we stumbled across a weird problem. On one of our servers, we get the following error when we try to test an E-Mail: All failed.

This is just occuring one one of our several servers - anyone got any idea why this happesn - the set up of all VPS are exactly the same (firewall, restrictions , proxies, etc.)

We're baffled..

Any advice is highly appreciated.


  • AlexRAlexR Cape Town
    @mmtj - try and do a "test selected" and see if that passes. Thereafter do a "Test All" I have that on one VPS, where if you do "Test All" first it fails, but if you do selected and then "Test All" it works without changing any email values. Not sure cause of this though!
  • Re-set VPS to basic status and re-installed SER. Fixed it :)

    But thanks for the suggestion - i'll try that if I get the error again.
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