SER on VPS (General How To?)

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first of all, i searched the forums and didnt come up with something useful, so no bashing please.

so i am the super noob on VPS so just a few questions, which prolly sounds utterly stupid for a expert but for me its not quite clear.

1 - SER on a VPS server, is like running SER on your local PC just that it runs from some server, means 24h x 7 ?

2 - When i have a license for SER on my local machine, do i need to buy another license for SER on the VPS server?

3 - Can i create project files with all data fields on my local machine, then just upload the .ser Backup file to the VPS server and then all can run from there?

4 - on some VPS threads here on the forum, the recommended VPS server from GSA is however most other people more recommend or having good experiences with - hence my assumption was that the poweruphosting offer covers already a premade setup for GSA and TrustVM not ?

5 - so on a windows VPS server ... its like i run / execute the SER there to get it installed?

6 - my SER log often says, download failed - my assumption is that i am on really lousy internet, and a VPS might fix this?


... i worked with linux servers before but never with windows, so i am bit clueless on how this might work

i am living in thailand, and ... well internet is quite often very lousy here, i have a 20 mbit plan from my ISP but the 20 mbit here in thailand are much worse then the 2 mbit plan from 1und1 i had back then in germany. ... Those Thai people really believe the internet exists only in Thailand, and no one would ever even wanted to leave the country via internet hence everything outside of thailand is horrible. - hence in my case i could imagine that a VPS plan would really make a lot of sense for me


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    1. Yes

    2. Maybe, it works like this: GSA licence is for 1 pc AT ANY ONE TIME, meaning you can install it on 10, but only run it on one at a time (it informs the GSA server when its being used, and if it is found to be running on more machines at once, bye bye licence). 

    3. Yes 

    4. Different providers use different hardware. a 2GB 3.0ghz vps on an i7 is very different to the same on an old xeon machine. Network connection, number of VPS's sharing a connection etc also change how 'good' a vps is. That said i havent used either, and i doubt one has a specific GSA setup (it is not required), so just try a few.

    5. Yes, you just click start>accerories>remote desktop on your home PC and you log into the server desktop in a window, exactly like using your home pc. You can download GSA(and anything else) via the servers browser, or transfer files from your pc

    6. Probably, though you will need to use proxies, which often have a worse connection than your server will, so they can cause the same error. The VPS should be a huge improvement though.

    The distance between you and your VPS will play a part. Thought the server may be fast, if your connection is bad it will lag a bit when you are setting things up, though the actual posting will be quick. If you intend to do most of the setup on your local machine 1st, it shouldnt be an issue.
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