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Is it better to add new target urls to an existing project or setup a new project in GSA SER?

edited April 2013 in Need Help
I am using GSA SER to build link tiers 2 and 3 to my sites. So I setup 2 projects that are linked as tiers. For the Tier 2 project I imported all my Tier 1 links which I have built separately. However, next month I will have more Tier 1 links to to add to GSA SER.

So is it better to add these links to my existing Tier 2 project or setup a new one?

(This is probably quite a noob question, but I am new to GSA and have not yet got to grips with how GSA runs through a project and I have not been able to see how other people do this in the forums. Obviously, I want to maximise the links built to each target url and keep projects well managed and reduce setup times for my processes.)
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