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Hcaptcha and recaptcha v2

I am wondering what sites I collected those don't have captcha but when I am going to send messages it is saying 

Required hcaptcha input 
Required recaptcha v2 input 

I want to know when site don't have captcha then why it asking 

Second what is good captcha solution 



  • Currently I see H captcha from CapMonster Cloud solving most those and 2captcha solving RC v2 & v3 best. Also all openAI text questions are being solved, but maybe need to change model or adjust. You can set up for 2captcha then CMC to solve H. If your list has solve medias and black squiggly numbers you'll need Xevil. If someone knows better solution I'd be interested in hearing about it.

    Note - Can't add services in 1 certain order and make test for results for this, you'll have to switch around and run same list and then verify result again to get more accurate result. (to make fair use stable proxies, fresh project, new emails etc when running 2nd test)

    Explanation - service 2 may be getting most the captchas and then sending the harder ones of to service 3, so in this example service 2 will have many more solved captchas and service 3 will be left with the harder ones likely ones humans have hard time solving. Hope that makes sense. 

  • petpetpetvmpetpetpetvm United States
    edited July 12
    Captcha display may vary based on the proxies (IP addresses) used. Here are the scenarios related to website and captcha service loading:

    • Website and captcha both load successfully without issues (website passed, captcha passed).
    • Website loads but captcha does not appear because it is blacklisted (website passed, captcha blacklisted).
    • Website loads and captcha does not appear because it is automatically passed (website passed, captcha passed automatically).
    • Neither the website nor the captcha loads (website blacklisted, captcha status unknown).

    I’m using Xevil with proxies from GSA Proxy Scraper and having great result (only $10/month for Xevil only since proxies are free, after paying the 3 months for Xevil and lifetime for Proxy Scraper)
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