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I'm only going to use comments. Please teach me the way.

I bought about 70,000 url. And I did import url by pressing the tools button in setting. 
But I don't know if these url lists have been applied properly. 
Where can I check this out?
I try watching a lot of YouTube and I don't know how. FYI, the list was a txt file.
And I'm only going to write comments, how do I use comments on the URL list I bought?


  • SvenSven
    If you want a project to post to these sites, simply add them to the project directly via right click on it->import target urls.
    Make sure that you have Blog Comments enabled in project options on the very left box of the engines.
  • minsolminsol korea

    Blog comments are active
    But SER doesn't write comments on the url list I bought.
  • Maybe it would help to uncheck the Shortners, Url, Indexders first if you want to make only comment "run"?

    Then I wonder whats in 70,000 url list you bought for comments? 

    identifieds, submitted, verifieds, something else sold as verifieds?

    If you are having trouble importing directly into project and getting it posting, I would likely try the identify and sort in tool or another identifier and see what it says (does not mean it 100 percent correct) but maybe it will give you an idea of whats in your lists after you do this?

    Maybe want to check on the advanced sitelist tools and compare the database before and after to compare them. See whats changed for numbers in comments section of results.

    *You can try like sven said too. Dont import them into GSA main settings if that's what you did? Right click on project pane, clear the target history, clear the cache, refresh for good luck. Then import targets there into the one project. If your threads are up and have some proxies what does it say it log? If bought a list of verified comments for SER it should be ripping through like there is no tomorrow!

    I have seen some lists being sold that say "import into your favorite tools" I guess this would be a randomly scrapped list using footprints from many tools. Was the list specifically marketing as a verified SER list? Where did you get it?

    Look in the log on the bottom and check error messages. Also in advanced try to tick on debug mode see if any errors there, if not a lot of green and grey likely the list is bad or failing due to a setting? Maybe list is not "SER friendly" some services mixing lists from separate tools together, which is fine if you know what your getting but will reduce your success rate.

    Maybe something here may help. . .

  • cherubcherub
    Are you sure the list of blog comments you bought is compatible with SER? What did the vendor of the list say? Have they given a usage guide?
  • minsolminsol korea
    I bought at

    I don't have a manual....

    seller didn't provide a manual

    It's really hard
  • Never heard of that, do people just buy lists from anyone with a website, before noticing websites havent been updated in years? This does not look like a website selling updated services to me. 

    If the site is not great, how much effort do you think is put into list? 
  • minsol  still having issues? If need a sample of some real GSA SER verified comments to test, ping me and I will PM you some. These would likely be auto approve also since this list was started after the 4th of the month. 

    GSA SER should rip through them no problem. I've gotten well over 600 LPM for this, though there were some redirects possibly counted.
  • sickseosickseo London,UK
    minsol said:
    I bought at

    I don't have a manual....

    seller didn't provide a manual

    It's really hard
    I bought that same list. Most targets don't work. Was a complete waste of money. No idea why they still have an active thread on BHW.
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