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Proxy help - GSA website contact

I am confused with one thing 
GSA Website contact having option "use proxy for search engines"
When we click at configure there are alot of proxy list what we can select and use them why we need private proxy or GSA proxy scraper 
And how can I sure all scraping done through GSA proxy list  or using my own ip so I don't get banned 
I am new and using my personal computer not VPS 
Please guide 


  • SvenSven
    Proxy scraping is done without using a proxy. If you want to do this by a proxy, you need to use GSA Proxy Scraper where you can do that as well.
    Private, bought proxies are usually better for ...well anything really as public proxies are very unstable and also often banned on search engines.
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  • martwishermartwisher Pakistan
    Can I scrap and send messages just with GSA website contact tool by choosing multiple proxies from GSA proxy list?

    After selecting many proxies from GSA proxy list is it sure it will use only those proxies not my ip

    What is my IP ban ? 
    What is it's disadvantages 

    I am new I just want to start scraping and sending messages 

    No issue if I can send just few hundreds message in start just don't want any ban problem for me

    Please clear it thanks for your response 
  • SvenSven
    Its always a good idea to use stable proxies, because with the public ones you never really know if the submission was successful or aborted by the proxy. However, if you use proxies and they are anonymous, you can not get banned.
  • martwishermartwisher Pakistan
    I am doing scraping and submitting messages 
    I am totally new
    For me which proxy is good 
    Also 1 proxy is enough for startups 
    My private
    Is it good or I need to choose some other and how I can add it in GSA website contact 

    And I was asked if I use GSA proxy list 
    Is it harmful mean google can ban my IP
    And if it's banned then what will be issue and it can be solvable 
  • SvenSven
    A good list of proxy providers others used is here:
    1 proxy is usually good for 10 threads.
    An excessive use of search engines by a IP/proxy can lead to a temp ban. That usually lasts some minutes or hours before you can use it again. It has no influence on other things really. However, since public proxies are used by many others, it is of course often banned quickly. Thats why using private proxies for search engines is a good idea.
  • martwishermartwisher Pakistan
    "That usually lasts some minutes or hours before you can use it again."

    That's mean I can play with GSA proxy list if my IP ban it will be for small time
    not any long problem for me , I just want to test software and proxy list so I can see how it works I want to confirm if I try GSA proxy list and scrap some sites and send messages then there will be not any serious problem with my IP 

    Once I play and get some learning then I will get other things like proxies captchas VPS right now I even don't know what is 10 threads

  • martwishermartwisher Pakistan
    Waiting for your response 

    Also can I check any precautions of sending messages 
    Mean in message we can add how many words
    Also can we add our website, email, WhatsApp, Skype etc
  • SvenSven
    Well I didn't know I had to answer anything more but yes...what you guessed about temp ban is correct.
    What is in your message is defined by you in the project settings where you also have a PREVIEW in case you use macros or spintax.
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    Welcome to the world of proxies and GSA tools! Here’s a breakdown to help you:

    1. Why Use Private Proxies or GSA Proxy Scraper?

      • Avoid Bans and CAPTCHAs: Private proxies help prevent your IP address from being blocked by search engines or websites. When you use a private proxy, your requests are routed through different IPs, reducing the risk of getting banned.
      • Scrape Efficiently: Using a GSA proxy scraper allows you to automatically gather and use fresh proxies that are less likely to be blacklisted or banned. This helps in maintaining the efficiency of your scraping activities.
      • Anonymity and Privacy: Private proxies offer better anonymity compared to public proxies, which can be shared by many users. This reduces the risk of your activities being detected or flagged.
    2. Ensuring Scraping Through Proxies:

      • Configure Proxy Settings: Make sure to properly configure the proxy settings in GSA Website Contact. Under “Use proxy for search engines,” you should select the proxy list you want to use. You can choose between using GSA’s built-in proxy list or your own list of proxies.
      • Check Proxy List: To ensure that scraping is done through your chosen proxies and not your own IP, regularly check the proxy list and monitor the proxy usage within GSA. Ensure that the proxies are active and not blacklisted.
      • Testing: Run some test scraping sessions to confirm that your proxies are functioning as expected. You can use tools or logs to verify that the IP addresses used during scraping are those from the proxy list.
    3. Using Personal Computer vs. VPS:

      • Personal Computer: While using a personal computer is fine for starting out, a VPS (Virtual Private Server) can offer more stability and better performance for large-scale scraping tasks. It also helps in keeping your personal IP address safe and allows for more continuous operation.
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