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How can I make my own forum post engine?

serkan1071serkan1071 TURKEY
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How can I make my own forum post engine?
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how can I do it?


  • cherubcherub
    You'll need to look at the scripting manual:
    And it's also useful to check the macro guide:
  • I need a training video. I have little coding knowledge.
  • serkan1071 what your asking for is probably not available in nice video, its very advanced, its not even included in the paid SER "advanced link building" courses out there I've seen.

    You'll have to read the docs cherub mentioned over and over especially script manual.

    If you want to see whats going on, as far as if SER is finding forms, filling them and making registrations or why it may be failing, try looking in advanced section in SER and click on "DEBUG" while running some forum post engines. Have a peak there after reading the script manual. Maybe this will help to connect some dots for you and quicken learning curve.

    There is color coded info and hovering over will show you even more data as far as the post request and used variables etc.

    @sven has nice little debugger for this in the tool already, you can even test and work with downloaded html and test extract commands. This is also in script manual.  Global Failed folder can help with debugging too.

    Either way, is its going to take some time to learn.

    I would maybe try to find one that does not require email verification first and try to get a successful sign up first on something easy. Also its helpful to click on the existing engines which will open up a notepad file with engine in it and see examples.

    Also start with [setup] and then start defining some [steps] but this is explained in script manual. It took me a bit to figure out the "just download" part at first which will download the html from page and move to next step you define. I got stuck on that myself.

    Do you have a very specific forum in mind? Or just want to start scripting some forum engines in general? Also note that forum posting is by default off in SER as its spammy method if not done correctly so may have to "allow forum posting" in the settings if you want to go past just sign up and add link. You can get as creative as you wish and add as many steps as you like. Can even add a "log in a delete" which I find pretty cool feature to add to your engine in case maybe negative impact.

    I did not click your links so if anything is in there I didnt see.
    Either way hopefully this helps a bit  :)

    If time or difficulty becomes issue, maybe ask @cherub if you can purchase engine from him if he is willing to make and you are willing to pay?

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