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Finally, A Nice New Service Banner For Forum! Sick Little Logo Too! And my 2 cents per usual :)

Since I had the chance to do some testing with an engine from I will share my results, which I like doing especially, when they are good. Keep in mind this is just 1 engine here for this image there are other custom gsa ser engines there now also.
So check them out  :)

Theses metrics were refreshed with DomDetailer API on domain, sub-domain and Authority was pretty consistent no matter how I was refreshed (which was everyway possible). Links came from pretty authoritive sites, placed on trusted .tld and even some really powerful ones I found super related and good for even Tier 1. 

I will not share any secret sauce as I didnt even ask @cherub if it was ok to share this, but if looking for some fresh targets maybe have a look there. He has been known to script some great engines silently in the past so likely these are all fresh new targets for SER as packages are released. I think the "limit" on packages sold is great idea too!


  • The web design is also pretty sweet!  B)
  • It's not even noticeable that you “tested” the service six weeks before it became available.

    How has the traffic in GSC looked since then?
  • It's not even noticeable that you “tested” the service six weeks before it became available.
    Quite clearly, it is noticeable that I tested and engine before it's release, It's in the timestamped image when I ran the check above dumbass!

    It figures it be you to say something stupid... First guy to always try to shit on new service, (even before it was released you had issue, lmfao) and after ALL your attempts failed  :# 

    Go try to sell your records for a dollar somewhere else :o

    I suspect that's why your so upset and such an asshole B)

    Back to the kinder garden teasing with you I guess, what are you 12-13 years old?

    And not that it's any of your business. . . . but my projects health are just fine, and the ones specifically related to using those JUICY targets that indexed nicely added to some diversity to backlinks profiles while yes, the num of ranking keywords, clicks and impressions has going up for the niche and page I tested for. That's usually what happens when you know what you are doing - which clearly you do not!

    I thought you were going to be the guy to remain quite and just flag posts you don't agree with in "background"?
    Go back to that!
    As immature as it is at least no one has to read your bullshit!

    Utterly useless you are, a CANCER!

  • s4nt0s this is what I meant in my question on Is this forum being moderated at all?

    It's your site and business. If it was mine, I would not allow such wording.
  • s4nt0ss4nt0s Houston, Texas
    edited June 6
    @organiccastle - I help moderate here, but this isn't my forum. Also, the post was made a couple of hours ago and I can't be here 24/7 monitoring every new post. I help Sven with marketing on other forums and moderate here. It seems @backlinkaddict was sharing impressions on Cherubs' new service.

    Which wording are you referring to? I don't agree with @backlinkaddict name-calling because it comes off as immature and doesn't look good to new forum users, so we need to stop that. As far as the original post, we don't have rules against sharing your experience with a product/service as long as its honest and not a paid/aff promotion.

    I can tell you this. The creator of SERnuke (Cherub) has been a member on this forum since 2012 and over the years has been kind of enough to share some of his custom engines with the community for free, asking for nothing in return. If anyone deserves a bit of recognition, it's him imo.

    I was also given access to his service a few months ago to test things out. He never asked me for a review or any type of special promotion, etc. All he wanted was my honest feedback on how the service was performing. I can tell you my experience with SERnuke aligns with what @backlinkaddict posted in his impressions/review. I tested one project with one engine for a few days and had around 63 unique domains, 58 out of 63 were dofollow and I even had a nice .edu link mixed in. Keep in mind this was just a casual run, with no extra scraping or trying to optimize the project options/settings. I was very happy with the results. 

    *edit* - @organiccastle - I think you might be referring to the name calling and not necessarily the review itself. (correct me if I'm wrong)

    @backlinkaddict - The insults are unnecessary. No need to call someone a "dumbass" and "cancer". You guys can have a disagreement, but lets keep the conversation civil.
  • It's your site and business. If it was mine, I would not allow such wording.
    This a a forum run by customers like its always been! 
    No one cares what you would "allow"!
    There is no other "wording" for your behavior, its defined and expected at this point :/

    s4nt0s  I guess you are being VERY VERY VERY polite which I can appreciate or maybe didnt notice, personally I wouldnt care, but this post he's referring to was also just another smart ass comment from from this guy. Like all of them, just completely fake and see through and useless

    He's been a problem for awhile and there is no other way to deal with this guy other then tell him to shut up and go away at this point! But even this lasts only a short while!

    Other members have already asked similar things to him to knock his kindergarten teasing off and his response was that "thank-you for feedback but I dont care if I piss off the forum and eventually other users" or something VERY similar. Some even pm'ed me saying he's just a troll, more then a few and just ignore him like they do. 

    This is impossible though when he has something sarcastic to say about every service and every discussion (with no proof or evidence ever). I have even asked him nicely more then once to start his own discussion (if he can) and stop ruining everyones else's. He has nothing helpful to share but some negative sarcastic BS. I'm quite the sarcastic guy myself and appreciate humor but this guy just angry and mean.

    I mean I had the same experience you did and know @cherub is an ser engine scripting machine, If I cant share/start discussion of honest experience showing results (not review) about a well known member whose been silently contributing engines for free for years and say something nice without be harassed by organic a$$hole, well then whats point of this forum at all?

    I mean the false claim guy crying about "false claims" it's just priceless!

    Then the guy calling people self righteous - decides to sign himself up to flag posts he doesnt agree with, of which there are none  - Again that is just too priceless!

    I have NO problem calling a spade a spade! Never will!

    Also, I have no financial interest here with the forum nor am I affiliated with @cherubs service or any other, I think that's obvious, I am VERY honest and to a fault no matter what Mr false claim's it whining on about. Nor do I appreciate him flase claiming so. Just makes it more obvious he has no earthly idea what he is ever talking about- EVER.

    Maybe he is better off going back to BlackHat world butting into other comments there, also not meant for him and telling people talking about GSA software to be using other software:/

    This guys a joke and a cancer to the GSA community if its going to grow! 

    As far as new members and needing help I'm more then and have been happy to help them using my experiences and taking time to explain with real charts for free and I have been thanked by many members for giving them my time, help and experience!

    These users are also aware of "The Obvious Problem"

    Some don't even want to share anymore, new users afraid to do to this guys behavior and silly comments, some have even not returned. 

    I apologize you even have to deal with this really... likely you didnt know how big of issue this guy is because when he is questioned he provides no response, or hides behind some fake response.

    So this guy wants to talk shit about another service again, but all he did was get it more attention, Maybe I should hire him for my marketing 

    This guys issues run deep @everyone please pray for him  o:)

    Main Point = if your looking for some fresh juicy targets for SER on new engines, maybe check out that SERnuke banner, and be sure not to buy records or email for 1$ from Mr. Wonderful!
  • s4nt0s said:

    *edit* - @organiccastle - I think you might be referring to the name calling and not necessarily the review itself. (correct me if I'm wrong)
    @s4nt0s - I am only referring to the name calling, NOT to the service offer itself.

    I do know and value the contributions @cherub has made and makes to this platform and forum and have no doubts about any of these nor his service offerings.

    Being called
    • dumbass
    • cancer
    • stupid
    • smart ass
    • problem
    • kindergarten
    • troll
    • a$$hole
    • joke
    is neither professional nor related to the thread.
  • SvenSven
    Well I am also thinking @backlinkaddict is going over the edge here. Even if someone is not your opinion, there is no need to call him names. I know it seems a common thing these days to express yourself the way you think, but in the end it just hurts. I try to be as polite as it can get. I sometimes have to face with people not even using a hello/bye in emails or not answering any of my questions asked. Still I try to handle it. We are all grown up and should try to get along with each other. Especially in SEO it is challenging as there are so many opinions and ways to handle things. Still I feel it's essential to try to understand each other and listen.
    So please you two...get along nicely!
  • @santos what was point of editing the response like that? I think that will just confuse people now. You cant possibly be buying this guys fake excuses/responses. . . I understand you have better things to do then dig through forum to actually understand the degree of this sarcastic childish responses and destruction this guy causes. I have no idea why he's sarcastically commenting at you in the first place about moderation. 

    Do I need to dig them up to provide better context? More then a few members have told him to knock the childish bullshit off, he openly said he doesnt care if he pisses people of and other moving forward!

    I have already tried being way to nice and polite to this guy already @sven and you know that!   

    It is a pointless exercise at this point!

    I wasnt crying when this imposter was calling me a drug addict and other names, posting silly comments on EVERY comment I made but he cries when someone defines his behavior? He does something and then blames and whines about it when hes the one doing it to begin with.

    What kind of silly joke is that?

    This is my new fav from another member this morning. . .  seems you have woken the resident troll. :D 

    He didn't have to comment on my discussion in the first play being a smart ass! But he couldn't help himself... as expected :/

    And if no one caught it.... the comments were about the service and results. Which clearly he has no idea what he is talking about! And now wont admit, I and other members see right through that! That behaviour is worse and more toxic than anything I can say and at least what I say is the truth.

    He most certainly was shitting on the service as he did before its release, and also with others, but now when he is questioned like I said above he will change his tune! Meaning he has no integrity to stick to his comments. He has to be a jerk in the most sarcastic way and tease people with his silly little comments.

    First it was lets see how many off these sites will be in english or authority sites on this service months ago, and now sarcastically saying something not realizing its timestamped in the image and then implying nothing with happen in GSC or Google Search Console. I guess he mentioned this because he just learned about it as his passed silly remarks trying to look like a fake expert.

    How many constructive threads has he intentionally and tried to ruin where we all had to just stop responding and let a thread that could help others and were everyone was talking strategy just fall to bottom???

    This is not about me and him "playing nice". 

    Maybe he can start his own discussions?????????

    He has no problem on BHW?

    just do a google search with words describing his behavior plus forum user and you get this!

    And here's Mr context who cries about whats related or not  but goes here and does this  :o 

    Really? :D:#  

    And likely he will have and issue with this now to even though he did it first even though he attemptted to try something like this to me getting it completely wrong.

    That was another Joke!

    I get along with everyone so when I have some crybaby saying silly things and commenting on my comments and or blaming me for what he's doing or trying to tarnish other services cause he cant get them to work, the issue does not lie with me.

    That little pretend to be nice occasionally act does not fool me! 

  • s4nt0ss4nt0s Houston, Texas
    @backlinkaddict - I edited my post to remove the part asking the community for feedback on impressions/review type threads since that wasn't what the complaint was about, like I originally thought. I edited it shortly after I made the post and before there were any new responses in this thread. I don't see any problem with it.

    As far as the stance on the insults and name-calling, I don't want you to think it's directed only at you, @backlinkaddict. It goes for everyone here on the forum. I admittedly haven't been keeping an eye on this and haven't made a stance on the insulting and personal attacks here on the forum. We're addressing it now before it gets out of control.

    I'm not going to get into a back-and-forth in this thread, though. Let's just try our best to keep it civil around here and stay away from personal attacks (that goes for everyone). If you believe someone is trolling, it's best to just ignore them. Remember, "don't feed the trolls". ;)

    Hope everyone has a great weekend.
  • Exactly, no one has the time to waste with this silly nonsense, and this discussion I started was about cherubs new custom engines and personal results! We'll just chalk this up as another ruined discussion I guess :/

     I admittedly haven't been keeping an eye on this 
    Nor should you have to your not a babysitter! Things were fine until I " have woken the resident troll" so I guess I'm sorry for that. 
    If you believe someone is trolling, it's best to just ignore them. Remember, "don't feed the trolls".

    While "believe" is putting it very nicely, and while this ignoring did work for some, for me and a few other of his targets it's just made him more angry and the comments got sillier and more frequent :/  Not really option for solution  :/

    Anyways, Have a nice weekend!  ;)

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