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Is it successful?

I downloaded the trial version of GSA Content Generator. I am testing it. But it writes content that is not related to my target word. I looked at its usage on the internet and I still get the same results.
1-Can you give some tips for first time use?
2-What settings do you use?
3-Are the images created copyrighted?
4-I need information


  • CarltonStuder65CarltonStuder65 East Los Angeles, California
    First of all, you should understand that it's a scraper that extracts content from the internet based on given keywords. To create related content, you need to adjust the filters, related words, etc. The main purpose of these kinds of scrapers, such as SEO Content Machine, GSA Content Generator, etc., is to arrange content for link building tools like GSA SER, Ranker X, Money Robot, etc. Yes, it can be used for other purposes, but for tier 1 or money sites, you can get more out of OpenAI.

    I use GSA Content Generator with OpenAI, which produces higher quality and better keywords, but again, it's for my GSA campaigns.

    There are options to scrape images with or without copyrights.

    I would suggest you experiment with it. It's a must-have tool if you are a link builder or using GSA SER.
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