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Any know this search strings purpose?

Its inside SEMRush inside google data - one of my sites popped up on the top of second page for it. . .

"social media analytics" -"mentionlytics" -"mentionlytics"

Same popped up for "social listening" with same operators attached. Is this some new bot looking for social media stuff trying to filter out some main popular social media sites or just something random?

Maybe someone knows more?  but I don't normally see strings like this shown for rankings in Google data so I wonder?
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  • CarltonStuder65CarltonStuder65 East Los Angeles, California
    Are you ranking to those kwds  ? it seems like these parameters exclude these domains and get keywords instead.

    I don't think you can get decent asnwer here.  for maximum visibility, I would ask this somewhere

  • I checked GSC and they are in there as impressions also. Just never seen this exact pattern like this before.

    I don't think you can get decent asnwer here.  for maximum visibility, I would ask this somewhere
    Is "here" not "somewhere"? 

    I'm not sure I understand this comment. . .
  • I'll give you an AI generated answer, i hope it helps:

    This search string is looking for information on social media analytics, but with some specific exclusions:

    Main topic: "social media analytics"


    • Mentionlytics: "-mentionlytics" excludes any results that specifically mention the social media analytics tool "Mentionlytics". This is likely because the searcher wants broader information and not just about that specific tool.
    • Social media platforms: The search string uses the -site: operator to exclude results from major social media platforms like Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Instagram and TikTok. This is done to avoid getting basic social media usage information and focus on the analytics aspect.


    • "social media analytics" - This is the core topic the search is interested in.
    • -"mentionlytics" - Excludes results mentioning the tool "Mentionlytics".
    • - Excludes results from Facebook.
    • (similar exclusions for other social media sites)

    Overall, this search string is looking for in-depth information on social media analytics tools and strategies, excluding specific tools and basic social media platform information.

  • Thanks, I can read the pattern and know whats its doing parsing wise, I just wonder why its showing all the sudden. Like is it a new bot string, from a social media company or software, or just some random string from user. And why is it being picked up as keyword was more what I was wondering. Its picking up a social media promotion page.
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