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Not able to post Directory, Microblog, Social Bookmark, Video, Video-Audit

I just make XEvil and GSA CB in placed, I also bought paid verified list but I still can not post the following items:
Social Bookmark
Web 2.0: seems only with SERLib Add-on we can post the web 2.0 links?
Other engine like article, guestbook, blog comments are working fine.

I just want to test all of the items one by one to post as much resource as possible.


  • OverOperationOverOperation Hong Kong

    Until now, I am not able to use these resources even I have proxies, GSA CB, XEvil in placed, I still can not make GSA post any links on them.

    Can anyone help me on this?

  • cherubcherub
    I think most of the web2.0 provided free in SER are not working, as these sort of sites require regular updating. Also, I suspect the platforms in the categories you mention in your title have low targets available, if any. Things have moved on from spamming social bookmarks and microblogs.
  • KushphktKushphkt TMobile
    Since you have an addon to build so-called Web 2.0 profiles, why bother with GSA SER default web profiles? You get much better quality with the addon.

    Second, don't mix your importing folder with your writing folder. Otherwise, you will mix all the links with your present verified links.

    I wouldn't suggest using GSA with one engine at a time unless you only use the addon. Even though GSA SER is famous for link building, it often deals with junk like indexers and trackbacks. If you want wikis or articles, the results are usually lower quality. So, choose what you really want to build in your link-building strategy. Instead of checking one by one, pick a few. What you want are good links from a variety of platforms to achieve ranking. Don't be a tester of GSA or any software. Don't fall in love with those tools. Just use them for your needs. No one wants to choose one platform at a time with GSA and run it. It's technically possible, but in reality, it's not practical and it's not needed.
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  • Kushphkt said:
    Don't be a tester of GSA or any software. Don't fall in love with those tools. Just use them for your needs.
    Very valid point! Watching LpM might be exciting but only the result of organic traffic counts.
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