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[Article] Secrets from the Algorithm: Google Search’s Internal Engineering Documentation Has Leaked


  • Great read, I have some ramblings. . . like a virgin for the very first time. . . :D

    1.Sandbox - "warned" of this from day 1, I even reviewed courses in 2005 that stated sometimes your new site will get stuck in sandbox for period of time and sometimes it wont, but no one knows why. I have always been careful to a degree since for me this was very early advice. Expired domains, 301's, launching many websites for myself and others and not once have I had to wait 1-3 months for indexing or got stuck in any sandbox. (I get new domains indexed instantly, even today) I assume maybe if you start blasting a site that's not in index yet or grab an old domain with some issues maybe there could be an issue.

    Has anyone else ever got stuck in any sandbox or just couldn't get your new site directly into the index ever? Or ever got manual penalty for that matter?

    2.“We Don’t Use Clicks for Rankings” - super silly statement! "G" gives your users access to bounce rate and core web vitals :D Websites fighting over top positions - there is a lot of this going on, seen it in action and it works like it always did. Lowering bounce rate of one site then raising it on another or sending drips of certain traffic will most def move placements in search. Even people who find it unethical will just pay someone else who is doing similar tactics whether they are aware or not. Gotta love the I don't do that "type" of stuff, but I buy gigs from marketplace/freelance professionals - gotta love those types of statements!

    Any one have any examples of things the just find silly, clearly meant to lead the heard astray?

    3. What are Twiddlers? Guess I will be adding some twiddling features to my next project if possible.

    Well this helps...When Google says something like Panda was not a part of the core algorithm this likely means it’s launched as a Twiddler as a reranking boost or demotion calculation and then later moved into the primary scoring function. Think of it as similar to the difference between server side and client side rendering.

    Linked to Twidder funtions...
    • NavBoost
    • QualityBoost
    • RealTimeBoost
    • WebImageBoost

    4. Just interesting. . .

    Indexing Tier Impacts Link Value

    A metric called sourceType that shows a loose relationship between the where a page is indexed and how valuable it is. For quick background, Google’s index is stratified into tiers where the most important, regularly updated, and accessed content is stored in flash memory. Less important content is stored on solid state drives, and irregularly updated content is stored on standard hard drives.

    OK... done with reading time today... nice read anyone else have any thoughts on subject....?

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    BREAKING: Was the Google Search API Leak Planned? 

    Insiders suggest the recent Google Search API document leak was a deliberate move to mislead the SEO community!  According to anonymous tech forums and a former Google engineer, this leak might be a smokescreen. 

    Rumor has it Google’s REAL plan involves a new AI-driven ranking algorithm set to roll out next year. This “leak” could be to divert attention and keep SEO experts off their true path. 

    What do you think? Share your thoughts!  #Conspiracy #SEO #GoogleLeak

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    BREAKING: The Truth Behind Google's AI-Driven Ranking Algorithm! 

    Sources from Silicon Valley Insider and TechLeaks reveal that Google’s AI-driven ranking algorithm, rumored to be called “Project Hermes,” is set to revolutionize search. 

    Here are some juicy secrets:

    1. Personalized Search: The algorithm will tailor results based on individual user behavior more than ever.
    2. Real-Time Updates: Search rankings will adjust in real-time to reflect trending topics.
    3. Advanced NLP: Enhanced natural language processing will better understand context and nuance in queries.
  • royalmiceroyalmice WEBSITE: ---> | SKYPE:---> asiavirtualsolutions
    "Believe nothing with you hear and believe only half of what you see..."
  • "Believe nothing with you hear and believe only half of what you see..."

    True that! @royalmice That's being nice about it

    Everything seems to be smoke screen like stay focused on my right hand while I stick it to you with my left.

    Likely, post is motive to drive traffic to site as well. This is why I go on my experience and my results and test results and case studies rather than what people say. I've learned to take screenshots constantly to remind myself I am not crazy on some of this stuff.

    Im still getting expired domains and content indexed and ranking on page 4-5 to start in less than a week for good keywords on things that G says dont work lol. And they only move up from there. 

    Still SEO wont die, Its yes to lead the heard astray and get people repeating what works and whats doesnt, while most repeaters have no case studies or anything to back up so still just assumptions and theories.

    When G say this doesnt work, its time to double down on that  B)

  • Thanks for sharing, @Sven.

    The weightings are not known, but some points stand out:
    • localCountryCodes
    • anchorMismatchDemotion
    • context2, fullLeftContext and fullRightContext
    • totalClicks
    This proves that a number of link lists with US and Korean URLs, social bookmarks and PBNs are completely irrelevant for rankings and that content matters, be it on a blog comment.
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