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How to buy XEvil? What is the best tools to resolve ReCaptcha V2 and V3?

How to buy XEvil? What is the best tools to resolve ReCaptcha V2 and V3?

Why when I buy XEvil, the website tell the website error and can not buy?


  • highsavehighsave usa
    edited May 24
  • highsave dont think posting aff links is allowed here. Likely it will be removed or switched to gsa since its gsa forum.

    OverOperation  you don't "need" Xevil to solve RC, also you will have a fee of 10 usd a month to keep it working just so you know. Its a nice program and I do own it as well as captcha breaker but depending on your needs 2captcha, CapCloud and anticaptcha should work. Also note that you will need to purchase good proxies also for Xevil use so depending on your solving needs if you are just looking for RC solving maybe a mixture of some of these working "human" solver will suffice if you set correctly and use only for certain types only. I do not recommend sending all types to these services if looking to keep costs down. There is a bunch of ways to set these things up for use with SER. Likely its set different for everyone. Also, I have found sometimes there or down times or the service is being overloaded with requests and you may get fails. So setting second service or retries could help. Also there is global captcha settings and then on a project level settings which should behave differently. So note there is global settings and the project settings so if something is not working maybe double check the order of services in project and how you have each configured etc. . .

    Also the botmaster products are like scrapebox, it may take a bit to get your license. Installation is a bit different to. Simple for some but no so obvious to others. Have to set up 2 separate folders and extract the program in one folder on and the xauth in another if you dont use with Xrumer, like just buying xevil.

  • How to buy XEvil? What is the best tools to resolve ReCaptcha V2 and V3?

    Why when I buy XEvil, the website tell the website error and can not buy?

    You can buy directly from Botmaster, and it's worth every penny. Their latest patch was released yesterday, and it's Xevil6 - 66.

    You can fill out the form and choose your preferred payment method—they even accept PayPal—and they will get back to you quickly.

    @backlinkaddict - Spending $10 is nothing. You can grab 50 threads of IPv6 proxies for just a few bucks. As far as I remember, they give three or six months for first-time customers. If I go only with GSA CB (which is at the bottom of my list right now), I will lose a lot of good targets. Using CapMonster Cloud or similar services would cost thousands of dollars. In my opinion, it's wise to use Xevil regardless of the user's setup. If Xevil is too expensive, CapMonster Standard can be a replacement, but you will still have to pay $10. I don't think it's wise to run GSA without a reCAPTCHA solution.

    Running it for 5 minutes saves $0.11, and I can't imagine how much I would lose without reCAPTCHA or if I paid for a cloud service.

    The only downside I'm experiencing is that it takes more than a minute to solve CAPTCHAs, mainly due to proxies.

    Here is my current setup where I run a dedicated server with all the CAPTCHA configurations. If I used Zenno Cap Cloud or other cloud-based CAPTCHA solutions, I would pay thousands of dollars. This is just one of my GSA SER copies.

    After all, if you play with neural networks, there is more.

    I don't use XRummer myself (I own it and just upgraded to version 23 but still haven't had time to play with it), but I own 2 copies of Xevil. I heard they are having troubles with older versions, so make sure you are ready to upgrade to version 6 or find another solution.

    There is a script on GitHub that works pretty well. Focus on that if you are on a budget.
  • KushphktKushphkt TMobile
    Contact them directly with Skype. I purchased mine with USDT. You must purchase xevil 5 first then contact th for upgrade and they will send you the direct link.  I am very pleased with outcome. Nowadays it's useless to pay for a good link list of you don't own recapatcha.

    For side note HCaptchas are not working with xevil yet

  • Spending $10 is nothing

    Didn't say it was? I was just providing some options and info to new user asking for help...(I own copies of these tools myself, although I don't leave them running 24-7 currently)

    I think this is very, very new user who will not be running many copies and buying/using many lists or have need for major captcha solving anytime soon..

    If XEvil is too expensive, I don't think he will be running any similar setup to yours. What you have is expert setup, this is new user asking for help. I think he has long way to go to get to where you are. I'm trying to look at it from where he is..

    For example, when I started 12$ 10 buyproxies and 20$ on a captcha service a month was fine, today not so much, even though Ive slowed my link building down quite a bit and focusing on other things since then.
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