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Cheapest KVM Windows Ryzen VPS for GSA Software 4gb €3.90, 8gb €8, 12gb €12

jamessjamess World
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I am using a couple of servers for a while. They allow GSA software. The servers are super fast. 

5 Gbit/s bandwidth. Ryzen 5950X and 79503DX cores. GSA Website contact runs with over 1000 threads smoothly. I run multiple scrapers and GSA website contact. 

You can run Windows Server trial for 180 days and extend it multiple times up to 1.5-2.5 years.






  • JBossJBoss Earth

    Thank you for sharing this information. I have been considering setting up a new VPS, and the prices offered by Layer7 are among the most competitive I've seen, even though they are slightly higher than what you mentioned in your original post.

    I was wondering if you have any discount codes available to match the prices you quoted. Additionally, how has the performance been overall? Which specific VPS package would you recommend for running GSA SER?

    Many thanks!

  • I got few questions?

    1. Is this your service cause i want to ensure the support

    2. What happen after finish quota can i top up ?> if then how much per 1GB or 1tb

    Unbleiveble impressive prices. 

    Really like to try!
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