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How would you spend 100 $ on backlinks (without using GSA-SER?

Let's say you have 50 sites, and you want to spend 100$ on backlinks for each site. You dont want to use GSA-SER nor any other software. Sites are in different "non-problematic" niches (no porno, no casino...). Some sites are aged , some not.
1 -What type of links of links would you buy?
2- where would you buy them?


  • 1 - Articles / Guest Posts
    2 - Facebook

    There are plenty of guest posting groups on FB, i.e.

    Look for the vendors of 150 - 250 PKR ($.50 - $.90) guest posts, ask for a list and check it yourself in Semrush for traffic and other parameters. The price typically includes the article (AI) or you can provide your own. Articles and links of the 250 PKR offers are most likely getting indexed within hours and stay online. I've never encountered any issues - neither with the sellers, nor with any search engine updates. These guys have access to some really nice websites and know the game just too well.

    Depending on your sites and KWs, $100/site for non casino / porn / drugs might even be too much. Use these links very moderately with hard anchors of your money keywords. Put a small number of SER T2 links on these links and continue to use SER for generic / url anchors around T1 - T3. Works like a charm, even for non-English sites.

    Other than that, you may also opt for forum links. These may (or may not) also pass link juice but also traffic. Depending on your target market and language, this option might be way more costly. In Germany for instance, these are selling for up to $20+ each! (I would use software instead and re-sell).

    Give it a try on one of your sites and let the forum know how it went!
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