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Is this forum being moderated at all?

Given most of the nonsese posts in this forum, I am wondering if there is any moderation at all.

If the description on top of it is right, this is supposed to be a customer forum.

I do expect to be valued as a customer.

@s4nt0s - you have stated that you are still the mod. Where are you?


  • s4nt0ss4nt0s Houston, Texas
    edited May 8
    Sven and I delete spam all the time. If we didn't, this forum would be overrun. Even new accounts that sign up on the forum have to be manually approved now. Sven implemented this a while back to try and prevent bot accounts.

    I just checked the spam queue for flagged content, and it looks like all of the flagged content from the past few months has been taken care of already, except for the latest one, which I just handled now.

    As I look through the moderation queue to check flagged content, I don't see any content flagged by you. If you're noticing a lot of spam, feel free to hit the "flag" button on the spammy post so we can review it. If it's a post with a blatant promotional link or something that looks like it's posted by a bot, completely irrelevant to the original post, etc. feel free to flag it. We can't read every post on the forum, so we appreciate anyone flagging the post when they notice something seems off. 
  • @s4nt0s Sorry for my poor English.

    I was not writing about about spam. But about false statements.

    I'll be glad to flag these as from now on. Without any further commenting.

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