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Recurring error when collecting meta data for keyword

I'm constantly getting this error when collecting meta data for keyword (seo score and +search intent), i've reinitiated the app and the pc, but keep getting it


  • SvenSven
    I have released an update yesterday which should have fixed this. Im sure it was your bugreport I got and fixed things based on that.
  • Sven  I believe I tried sending a report through about this maybe a week ago but Im not sure it went through.
  • SvenSven
    hmm maybe I have overlooked that one sorry. But is it now working for you?
  • Its Ok, Yes I send email and everything with report, but i seemed like it didnt go through, I can confirm that indeed the collect meta data and rank tracking data is working much better.

    I didnt email you as I know your very busy working on other important things.

    Of course have to test proxies first and make sure you have some Google passed ones in there and it ripped through the RT data like a champ!

    Thanks @Sven - I'm slowly finding more and more uses for the GSA Keyword Researcher and it becoming more useful of a tool!

    It may look simple but there are many features in there. I wonder if there is easy way to update RT data only and or at set interval? I have been going in and checking none, then selecting the RT data and then collect meta data. This took me a bit to get the flow here. Maybe a just update the rank tracking data every X amount of time for option would be nice?

    Probably, hidden away in there as usual and I just havent not found it yet.

    Anyways, thanks @Sven
  • SvenSven
    Right now you have to update the RT data manually by collecting meta data via right click. Offering this in a scheduled way seems not good as most will not use it. Just update it whenever you want.
  • Your right it fine way it is.
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