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How to spin a romanian article?

Do you know a method how to spin an romanian article?


  • Is it doable with GSA Content creator?
  • SvenSven
    Yes it can spin articles. Though as I don't speak that language, I can not judge on how good that spin database is. Im also not sure what source was used back than to create that database. Please test things in the tool directly and maybe use the SpinDB tool to review the data.
  • To spin a Romanian article, you can use synonyms, rephrase sentences, and rearrange the structure while ensuring the original meaning is maintained.
  • @DerryHowell do you know a spiner service/software that can do this? I know spinnerchief but the export feature to spintax is in development.
  • @Ovidius

    Have you tried Scrapebox's Article scraper beta to spin?

    just send me a couple of articles as a private message and I'll be glad to run these through the engine.
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