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Search volume provider?

If I only need this metric, what api provider would you recommend (in terms of cheap price & reliable data)


  • SvenSven
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    @Sven   I've tried dataforseo and the results where quite poor. I wonder if thre is an easy way to import the search volume data that I  can directly get from Google keyword planner. i mean i can export data from google in a csv format, and my question is: can i import that data into the program?
  • SvenSven
    Oh you can do that as well. When importing keywords, you choose that CSV file and you get asked what column is for what.
  • nobodyknows I have been using Keywords everywhere since it was free and still put some credits on there moving the API from tool to tool over the years.

    I would have a look there.

    It's 10 bucks minimun I think to load and they last awhile. 

    Plus, has plugin that adds the search volume to GSC, SERPs, and many other places. There's a bunch more useful tool in the plugin as well.

    From some of questions you've ask I think maybe you will like keywords everywhere.

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