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Proxies recommendation?

I have a couple of question regarding GSA Keyword Research and proxies

1- Can it be run smoothly with the built-in free proxy scraper?
2- If not, what type of proxies do i need? how many?
3- best proxy provider for that?

I will run around 10 projects per month, (each one with around 1000 keywords.

thx for your help


  • SvenSven
    1. Well, depends on what proxies you find with it. Since you will use it for google scraping, it might be better getting private proxies as many of the public ones are banned there
    2. google passed proxies, any type will do. The amount depends usually on the amount of threads you want to use (1 proxy = 10 threads)
  • Ok, thx for the answer. just bought the program and i'm playing with it

    1- Given that there are many types of proxies:dedicated, shared, residential,...what would the cheapest alternative to use?
    2- once you start running a keyword research project, what happens if i click abort? can i restart it again or will i loose all the information recollected so far?
  • SvenSven
    1. Shared I guess, but they are often banned on google as well...but it really depends on the provider and the one you share them with
    2. You can hit abort and still get all data collected so far.
  • If you are just looking to check on google and not scrape works fine.just makes sure to try there google verified proxies. (even they allowed end of the month you will be banned with this service_)

    ps :dont use it with gsa ser btw . most of the time you will be kicked in no time
  • @Jsilva thx for the info

    I checked and , prices are cheap, 100 proxies = 4 USd/month.

    I'll use them only for Keyword research tool, do you think i'll get banned?

  • nobodyknows Honestly, I wanted tho throw a shout out to I tried them before and there have been issues in the past with them for others.

    NEVER give them your private info! Likely never good idea with anything anyways.

    Seems like they were shelling shit proxies to me when I tried. I tried the free that's limited. I tried to upgrade and bought more getting same results as free, I tried the the pay by the GB which is kinda silly if your scraping for sites if you ask me. I tried getting some private and upgraded USA/UK proxies and they didnt have enough in the "pool" for small amount I needed at time.

    I will say that even when I couldnt get what I needed for proxies, that Weeby guy at support was super helpful and responded quickly. The website was nice and back-end was very intuitive. Even a complete beginner can see that everything is labled and defined clearly. 

    I was great experience other then the proxies.

    However, I tried the 100 for 3 dollars (might be 250GB limit) but either way I get 50 Google passed and anonymous proxies out off the 100 this time verified in GSA SER and Scrapebox.

    Of course they have certain use, but this last time to get 50 stable and Google passing proxies or 3 dollars, I dont know were else I can find that right now. Maybe it was just this time but if you end up with same proxies I got, they should be more than fine for GSA Keyword Research for sure, if they working for Scrapebox and SER on Google!
  • @nobodyknows Thx for the info

    1- what do you mean by "NEVER give them your private info!" you mean my busines email, my credit card? what problem could I have?

    2- do you think anonymous proxies scraped with gsa scraping tool are safe to use?
  • @nobodyknows

    Sometimes they ask for KYC. If you read their privacy policies, it's clearly stated. I read it a few years back. Yes, you might get banned or possibly be asked for KYC if you are using it for posting or even scraping. However, they don't want to ban for scraping, but for posting, definitely. It's a good service for specific tasks like checking indexes, keyword research, etc. I have seen somewhere that they advertised as GSA and other SEO tools friendly, but it's partial. They have mentioned that, but in a different place, lol. I am not sure.

    @backlinkaddict I partially agree with you. I guess for such a small price, you are expecting too much. It's like someone blaming GSA SER for its poor Web2.0s engines. But still, they are there along with some other engines but when we compare it with a one-time price, after all, it's worth it. The same applies to this service too. They never fail at tasks like keyword scraping, checking indexing, etc.

    If you blindly use it for posting , google scraping without masking or to break captcha yeah it will fails and they eventually block and ask for kyc.

    Their Google verified proxies are pretty good and some of the best Google verified proxies I've used.

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  • @Jsilva thx for the info

    I checked and , prices are cheap, 100 proxies = 4 USd/month.

    I'll use them only for Keyword research tool, do you think i'll get banned?


    The count of proxies doesn't matter as much with such services; threads do matter. I believe by default it comes with 500, but I don't remember. Yes, they are cheap. You will like it. KYC may be required, as I know it's an EU BBB-verified business.

  • ***There is huge difference between the verified proxies listed above which are datacenter and Google verified proxies which are def not 4USD for 100 proxies.

    Jsilva I guess you missed my entire point?

    I am aware how they work, my point was when I used them before I tried many packages (free) and even upgrading a few times, testing a few packages and paying 40$ + more to get a bunch of proxies of which NONE passed a google test. Wait I'm wrong, it was 3 and sometimes 5 out of a bunch.

    I tried to get even getting 20 decent dedicated proxies from US-UK and they didnt have enough in pool the loading element just kept spinning and support confirmed this was why.

    However, what I was saying was I was thinking about giving Webshare a shout out as very recently I paid for the 4$ or 3.90$ package for and got 100 proxies that (50) are Google passed and anonymous from Scrapebox test and SER.

    I am very happy with this!!!
    I am not complaining or expecting anything for such small price?

    The point is for 3 dollars I got better package the other costing 40 or more. I was saying something positive as this was not my experience last time and I did test and talk with support.

    I was not sure if I just got better proxies by accident or not, but yesterday I upgraded the package longer and 68 passed in Scrapebox google and anon from the 100.

    @nobodyknows they should work just fine for scraping keyword data, just test them and add the google past ones in KWR then run project. If can adjust threads and timeouts lower it may help so long as they are not shared and the other users dont start hammering on them. 

    Maybe the API is working in KWR so you can set up to grab checked ones from a pool, though, I cant be sure if its working properly.

  • buyerproxybuyerproxy europe
    See a catalog of sellers of proxy or socks, I hope that will be useful to someone.
    Breakdown by types - resident, server, mobile, free, ... etc.
    Selection by accepted payment systems.
    The list is replenished, the site is being finalized.
    Wishes and criticism are welcome.

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