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Where can i buy GSA SER Verified Link Lists or web 2.0 list

meikedejong38meikedejong38 Netherlands
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Hello everyone please where can i get buy GSA SER Verified Link Lists or web 2.0 list the best. With high submission rate. Thank you


  • KushphktKushphkt TMobile
    edited May 3
    1. There are a few link lists, each with unique aspects. I use them randomly, but I mostly consider the price.

    Try SER verified lists, GSA link lists, SERPgrow. These aren't large link lists, but they're decent for the price, in my opinion.

    You can check out LinksPlug; they offer copies of the most genuine link lists. It's mostly a gray area, but there is no support.

    2. You don't need site lists for Web 2.0s, and GSA is quite weak in those areas. Instead, try SEREngines or SERLib, both of which act as add-ons rather than providing links. Alternatively, try another software that is inexpensive, like RankerX or SEO Autopilot.
  • meikedejong38meikedejong38 Netherlands
    Thank you sir 
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  • Web2.0s addons are just waste of time. It's best to spend some money on Ranker X instead of wasting money on SERlib and SERengines. It's advisable to use GSA with its default engines. Outsourcing is the best option for web2.0s, or if you only have a few sites, you can create a decent web2.0s network manually and then crank up the GSA. I own Ranker X, and since it's standalone, you can do a lot more than when you're working with an addon with GSA; it's worth the price. So, it's wise to invest in something complete without those fancy addons. Even though I own Ranker X, I still use my manual web2.0s network to blast. Save money on link lists and proxies.
  • I'm not sure these add-ons are even being regularly developed anymore. These add-ons require sometimes daily updates to keep them working on most sites that you'd want.

    I have "manually" been building or having VA do some of these sites for years. Its much better method. I want nice looking web 2 blogs for tier one not a script that jambs a quick article and link and looks like spam

    Then use tools for these types as you suggest, I totally agree.

    I used to use tier one, the old autofill magic----> magic submitter----> SER even many years ago.

    Though I would love to see one of these browser add-ons working to a point you can add your own sites.

    Lately, I'm forced to just code my own scripts and work with API's. Its much smoother approach.

  • ashlyadams said you can build manually or use Ranker X, seo autopilot. I use Ranker X btw .  

  • PeterOne  who are you talking to????

    Ranker X has some decent sites to automate Yes but, I dont think seo autopilot is really being developed anymore, They have new project thats years old now. . .

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