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[Help] GSA SER + Capmonster

Hello guys,

I encountered the following error: "ReCaptcha solving failed - CapMonster: captcha could not be solved (SiteKey: 6Lc3x74UAAAAACMVqGRZxmKzqx9z_gCYWAQVh9zv, Type: v2)."

Could please anyone suggest a solution to fix this?

Additionally, I am using a proxy from Packetstream. Is the setup shown in the attached image the correct way to configure a proxy in CapMonster?



  • Those kind of proxies are not working with cap monster.

    Cap monster is great for basic captchas. 

    But its not worth for recaptcha addon.

    Anyway to answer your question...

    Use proxies (IPv6) with IP user bind without user and password format


    IP:PORT:USER:PASS is not working with captmonster (it sucks )

    Use Xevil instead works great!

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