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Configuring the list of engines to send to

verdemuschioverdemuschio Italy
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On this forum I have seen many things, those who give advice, those who criticize, those who try to sell their services using the GSA forum (most of the forum members do this), there are many who profess to be SEO and backlinks experts , but among many things I have not yet seen anyone expert who makes available to SER users a file with a good configuration of the list of engines in which to submit the projects. The ones in the photo so to speak.

I know that now someone will tell me that the choice of engines is personal, that everyone has their own preferences, that it is not possible to establish which are the best engines to test, etc., etc., but if you are really experts I imagine that you know well which engines to choose or no. Apart from the choice of videos, for adults or not, then the rest of the engines, someone will know which are the best ones to choose and which is the best configuration among the one in the photo below.

I confirm that I am getting some results on Google Search, but I think it is more luck than skill. I choose all the dofollow and anchor text engines, but I think it doesn't really work that way.

So if anyone has a configuration that might be right please come forward.

Come on, someone save the file of his best configuration and give us a link to download it. Thank you


  • royalmiceroyalmice WEBSITE: ---> | SKYPE:---> asiavirtualsolutions

    Maybe you missed this post where i provided a list of engines to use or the one below that for orofile links only

    People are reluctant to just give you stuff these days. If you want something from someone they exact something in return from you.

    if you want  ideas for how to set up tiers then here is what I do

    1 Tier Vhurn and Burn Project -
    2 Tier Churn and Burn Project-
    3 Tier project -
    5 Tier Project -
    7 Tier Project -

    If you need some more tutorials for GSA SER, i have 31 blog post on GSA tips and info ovr here -

    If you need a good template  to get you started, then get in touch with me on Skype, introduce your self, ask me how i am and then tell me what you need, if i am free i will help you right away, if i am busy i will get back to you when i can..

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  • organiccastleorganiccastle Germany
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    You will find that this has been answered a good number of times already by @royalmice, @sickseo and others. You can also find info in the documentation section. I feel it is less a reluctancy to share knowledge than to repeat it.
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  • sickseosickseo London,UK

    I confirm that I am getting some results on Google Search, but I think it is more luck than skill. I choose all the dofollow and anchor text engines, but I think it doesn't really work that way.

    So you said that you are seeing results. Do follow engines and engines that support anchor text are the ones to go for. It sounds like you're doing just fine, so not sure what you are asking for! lol

    Why do you think that it doesn't work that way? Especially when you are getting results.
  • @royalmice and @organiccastleIn fact, I haven't read the discussions about it, and I opened this discussion because I had done the search but I didn't receive any results about it
  • @sickseoI confirm that I am receiving good results on Google Search Italia, some links are in good positions. However, I repeat that despite having some results, I am not sure of the engine configuration, in fact I selected all the engines and excluded those that do not have Dofollow and all those that exclude Anchor text, consequently the links are always generated on the same ones engines. While a good configuration divides the results across different engines. For example, even if I selected the Wordpress engine in Articles, the links are not placed on the Wordpress engines. This is an example. Instead, I would like to see reopened links generated in a more or less equal number for Articles, Blog comments, Directories, Forums, etc., while now there are a couple of links generated for Blog Comments or Forums, and dozens of links for Short URLs. I don't know if I was understood. I would like to distribute all the engines evenly
  • sickseosickseo London,UK
    edited April 15
    It's not possible to distribute the links evenly as it depends on how many sites you have in your site list for each engine. Redirects and indexers will be the biggest in numbers, so these will appear more often if only posting on each site once. Articles will be the smallest as these engines/sites are harder to find. As you have less of these sites in your site list they won't appear often when building links.

    There are different ways to use the tool. For example you can just choose article sites and set the reposting options so that it makes multiple posts and multiple accounts on each article site. This option alone will increase the number of article links created. Or activate the reposting settings using your current engine selection and you'll see more article links appearing. I normally set it to 10 posts and 20 accounts per site. This means a wordpress site that is currently giving you 1link, will give you 200 links instead.

    But do follow links and using sites that support keyword anchors is a good strategy anyway. Sites that don't fall into this criteria can also be used elsewhere. For example, no follow links on the last tier will help links they point to get crawled/indexed.

    Links that don't support keyword anchors can still yield good links - if they are do follow, they still pass link juice/ranking power. Even if they give url anchors, there is still value in this - it can dilute your existing anchors as well as being a very natural anchor to use. 
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  • verdemuschioverdemuschio Italy
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    Ok, so on one hand I'm doing well with anchor texts (reason for some indexing), on the other hand I need to make some changes. Thank you

  • I think you are correct and asking for updated or more in depth or maybe fresher response.

    There are some topics that have been answered or touched on yes, but it's nice to have more input and from others who may be able to add some useful advice on top of what has been said, I do agree.

    I do believe @royalmice had another helpful topic of reusing accounts and saving on captchas which maybe can help. This may not be so obvious, the importing of precreated or reuse of accounts.

    In addition @sickseo has mentioned maybe try using in different ways. Rather then create a large project aimed at everything, I like to think of each project as a little block of code that does what I set it to do. The ways you can use and connect them all together is endless.

    While talking about what main engines to "tick" on the macro level, I think to optimize your campaign it's also important to "tick" what your using on the sub-level or micro level also.

    Of course it matters whats in your list, but here is small article example. . .

    You can hover over each engine script and get the details as well like if creates own pages, if do-follow, if anchor text is used, and even last time it was updated. It's also possible to double click and the script for the engine should be seen.

    It is also possible to create advanced templates which can be saved and reused.

    Same for categories and other data which can be restored or imported later.

    I find that hooking up these "blocks of code" is better sometimes then to duplicate and edit. It takes longer yes, but worth the time IMO.

    Also, I like to let a project sit for some time, then after X amount of time, show verified URL's. Then do a quick reverify, which now can easy remove some empty anchors and dead sites if you wish. There are also a ton of options right clicking in link manager. Can be as selective as you want with which links and anchors you choose to send off to indexing.

    For the most part, I think @sven did a great job setting default filters for what gets send to indexing, but of course you can tweak some more.

    Generally, I think it's best to use your best sources first with stricter settings and then open them up as you move down the tier structure.

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  • verdemuschioverdemuschio Italy
    edited April 16
    Exactly, I wanted to know these things here. In fact, by selecting the "Uncheck engines with Nofollow" and "Uncheck engines that do not have Anchor text" options, the "Articles" section is entirely selected and therefore it is more difficult to obtain good links. In fact, I don't know why sometimes the links for these engines aren't created at all.
    @sickseo said:
    set the reposting options so that it makes multiple posts and multiple accounts on each article site. 

    I honestly didn't understand where and what to select to achieve this, I checked but couldn't find it.
  • Have a look here. . .

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  • verdemuschioverdemuschio Italy
    edited April 16
    @backlinkaddict I checked, this option was already enabled. Sven enabled it for me some time ago when he assisted me remotely. Anyway, thank you for your kindness.
    So the only problem was a good selection of engines to submit the articles to
  • AllanAllan
    I could say that basically the engines don't matter, especially tier 2.

    What will make you have a good backlink campaign are the blocks you use in the SER.

    blocking domains, words, etc... this will make a total difference.

    this is hard work that you will have to figure out according to your list.
  • verdemuschioverdemuschio Italy
    edited April 16
    Yes @Allan, I've already done this job. I blocked some domains for adults, even some terms, but if you also use the .edu, .family, and .gov filters everything is blocked. There are no links
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