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Is Proxy Scraper Enough?

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I've just purchased GSA proxy scraper and I just want to ask if it is enough to handle the work for GSA SER. I would like to know your take as to using/puchasing private proxies versus using GSA SER proxy scraper. Their differences as well as your recommendations. Thank you.


  • SvenSven
    To be honest, private bought proxies are probably the best you can get. If you can not effort that, then GSA Proxy Scraper is the best next option. However, you need to run it a longer time to separate the good from the unstable/bad proxies.
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  • It certainly is a very interesting tool with many extra features either way!
  • Thanks guys! I'm still starting at this and as of the moment I decided to stick with using my PC to run all the tools to get the feel then probably transition to VPS once I feel more confident. Thank you.
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  • Depending on what you are doing, running, and how fast you may find no need to upgrade to paid VPS...

    Or get something YOU are in FULL control over.

    VPN's have there place too... ;)
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    Hi @themalenurse - You can scrape tonnes of Proxies, but you need to "Strictly" check the Quality
    I would NOT use a Proxy for any personal or banking sites
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