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Recommended programming practical tools: tools that will get you twice the result with half the effo

During the programming process, the use of practical tools can greatly improve our work efficiency. In this post, I will recommend some commonly used programming tools to help you get twice the result with half the effort on the road to programming.
1. **Git**
Git is a powerful version control system that helps you easily manage your code base, record code changes, and collaborate with team members. Git provides a wealth of command line tools and graphical interfaces, allowing you to easily control code versioning.
2. **Visual Studio Code**
Visual Studio Code (VSCode for short) is a lightweight cross-platform code editor that supports multiple programming languages. It has a powerful plug-in system, and its functionality can be extended by installing plug-ins. In addition, VSCode also provides practical functions such as code debugging, Git integration, and automatic completion.
3. **Docker**
Docker is an open source application container engine that allows developers to package their applications and dependencies into a portable container and then publish it to any popular Linux machine, which can also be virtualized. Docker can help you quickly set up a development environment and automate project deployment.
4. **Postman**
Postman is a powerful API development tool that helps you design, test, document, and manage APIs. It supports multiple HTTP methods, such as GET, POST, PUT, DELETE, etc., and provides rich assertion functions to allow you to easily verify API responses.
5. **Jira**
Jira is a powerful project management tool that can help you with requirements management, task allocation, progress tracking, etc. It provides rich customization functions and supports a variety of project templates to help you collaborate efficiently with your team.
6. **GitHub Desktop**
GitHub Desktop is the official Git client produced by GitHub, providing a simple and easy-to-use graphical interface for Windows and macOS users. With GitHub Desktop, you can easily manage your Git repository, view code changes, and collaborate with team members.
7. **Lint Tools**
Lint Tools is a code quality inspection tool that can help you find potential problems in your code, such as syntax errors, performance issues, security risks, etc. Common Lint Tools include ESLint (JavaScript), Pylint (Python), etc. Using Lint Tools can improve code quality and reduce runtime errors.
8. **Trello**
Trello is a team collaboration tool that helps you organize and manage projects. It provides a visual dashboard that allows you to easily create task cards, assign tasks, and track progress. In addition, Trello also supports a variety of customization functions, such as adding tags, attachments, comments, etc., to help you better collaborate as a team.
9. **Swagger/OpenAPI**
Swagger/OpenAPI is a specification for describing and documenting RESTful APIs. With Swagger/OpenAPI, you can generate API documentation, API test cases, API clients, etc. This is very useful for projects with separate front-end and back-end, and can help developers and testers better understand the API interface and reduce communication costs.
10. **npm/yarn**
npm and yarn are package management tools for JavaScript projects that can help you easily install, update, and manage project dependencies. They provide a wealth of command line tools that allow you to quickly install, uninstall, and update dependent packages to improve development efficiency.
These programming practical tools will help you complete tasks more efficiently and conveniently during the programming process. Hope this post can bring you some help!


  • Nice list!

    Like to add some newer AI helpers..

    1. OpenAI Monthly - 22usd?

    2. Github Copilot monthly - 12.99?
  • I use VSCode also but I find some of the WebStorm IDE's ones really interesting. Does anyone have a favored IDE that is not VSCode? 
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