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My Gsa search engine is crazy. Stop submitt

My Gsa search engine ranker after about 20 or 30 submitt stop to do it? Restarting software same thing.
What is causing this? Any ideas?
Thanks so much 


  • Its start search and submitt backlinks. After 20 or 30 dont search more
  • Are your proxies getting banned?

    Do you have some engines checked that are not created by keywords and only have few footprints?

    Do you see any messages?
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  • Massagens that download failed. Download sock error (time out).
    Maybe public proxies?
    Tell me where buy proxies. What type? Semi or dedicated? 
  • Looks like proxies, if using scraped "free" proxies maybe make sure the sites you are setting to parse are providing good proxies.

    Well, I use a few places. Its harder to get Google passed proxies today. Sometimes youll have to contact support and tell them to replace.

    Partly Google banning faster, partly shelling of shit proxies that don't work for what they are marketed for so it can be tricky.

    For example, I use a service since 2014 and lately I "upgraded" to dedicated and they were all banned compared to the "shared" that were not. They replaced right away.. but its the point, i guess for me.

    But I have seen this with more than a few providers, I have upgraded and paid more to get shittier proxies.

    You must find proxies that will passed Google and Custom test in Scrapebox for any results, at least.

    Guess you can use Bing passed and just try parsing Yahoo.

    There are also different protocols and different proxy types working better for certain tasks.

    Some charge by GB so likely not great option for SER if your using to search for targets.

    Also be aware there may be a way in back end of service to export them differently like http or socks export.

    Sometimes they are working on different ports too so thats can get in way in some situations.

    Some are also more secure as well, maybe WEB is not great idea?

    In SER I have set for only connect and socks, you can see the anonymous test there.

    Socks I believe it what you want.

    My paid proxies that pass Google and custom test are Socks5

    Might have to test around to find what works for your purposes.

    Some will give you a "trial" maybe is still giving new customers an hour key, idk
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  • My paid proxies that pass Google and custom test are Socks5

    Might have to test around to find what works for your purposes.

    Some will give you a "trial" maybe is still giving new customers an hour key, idk

    What provider do you use for socks5 ? I used for Xevill and they were down i use nyprox to submit but still looking for good providers ( i don't scrape myself as i am using link lists )

  • Yeah, I think sometimes some of those services will become unstable.

    To be honest Ive been using BUY PROXIES since 2014, I know people say otherwise and they are "datacenter" but Ive been getting better results with them then other services, tbh.

    Honestly, a node from Nord VPN will solve more captchas in Xevil before it bans then many other services, weird. I had ipv6 for Xevil from Proxy-seller they worked ok at first then not so much and I set my threads to average 20 majority of time so Im not sure what going on there? 

    Wonder if a VPN that switches node every so often will work better for this. I remember in another software we used to use Hide My Ass vpn an set for new node every 30 seconds or so if I remember correctly and never had issues.

    I usually have at least a bunch of shared ones with BP and was getting results, then I upgraded to dedicated and they were blocked on Google? They replaced right when I mentioned it and then they passed.

    SER tests and labels them as socks5

    Ive tested a few different extra services lately and found while support and documentation may be great, that time should be spent better on quality control of proxies sold. 

    Or maybe not marketed here. 

    Im starting to feel I could scrape better proxies with GSA Proxy scraper then 80 percent of newer services and create my own pool. I guess this is were things have going unless providers get there shit together?

    Im going to stop now, its just super annoying!!
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